p2 crash

  1. L

    Crash every flight with gimbal

    So I sorted out the rest of the problems with the Phantom 2. Flew it for a while. Charged all the batteries again to a full good charge. Connected the H3-3D with gopro and went to do a test flight. The initial crash occurred with the camera set-up on the P2. It flipped over from about 20 feet...
  2. D

    Wanted: Vision 2 + camera pitch motor

    Broke the shaft on mine in heavy landing. If you have one of these for pitch driver circuit board v2 for sale, please let me know price plus cost of postage to France. Many thanks, Tony
  3. Bob Mador

    I crashed my P2 today

    I was flying my P2 back to my villa while walking behind it, decided I would try to fly it between two bushes and over the gate. "Try" was the key word. I hit one of the branches causing the P2 to flip upside-down. That made the drone fly into the ground. But... that wasn't the end of it. Once...
  4. iowahill

    Hard crash with P2 damage report (ad-infinitum)!

    I had a couple of months and maybe 30+ twenty-minute or less fun-filled flights with my P2 Plus with the Zenmuse H43D, a gift from my wonderful girlfriend, packed with iOSD, FPV, GoPro 3+ Black and a few other goodies to max out the capabilities of this wonderful surprise. So, about two months...