1. B

    New Member from the PNW Coast

    Just wanted to introduce myself I’m a new member to the forms and I live out on the West Coast. Fairly new to droning And an amateur videographer.
  2. Camera King

    Aerial Oregon P3S

    I have not posted any photos or videos for nearly a year...almost forgot how. Here is a short video of some clips I have been gathering...its very relaxing to watch.
  3. Helihover

    Christmas Over The Clackamas

    Captured this morning. I think this is the first time I shot an HDR RAW photo. I did a lil filming too, but it was really foggy and the lens was covered with in the first ten minutes.
  4. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    The Midnight people

    Filming during the night in Portland Oregon. interesting take on low light flight and the people that are up at that hour.
  5. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    Abandoned railroad tracks in the Northwest

    Flown manually using DJI goggles (newly purchased, still getting used to). I know the movement is not smooth, but the footage shows tracks never to be used again. (Narrated by Johnny Cash)
  6. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    Lumber yard in the dark- Portland Oregon

    Re-flew this spot with better lighting and movements:
  7. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    Oregons wildfires create a choking haze

    Last week or so the wildfires were making life hard for Oregon's Columbia gorge residents. All roads were closed leading to the area. Even the freeway was and still is closed due to tree's and rocks falling on it. I didn't get very close, but here's footage shot from 10 miles or so away from it...
  8. Helihover

    Aerial Time Lapses Over the Willamette

    This one came out pretty cool. Thanks for watching!
  9. Helihover

    The Longest UAV Clip Ever!!!

    Well for me anyways. This was all flown by hand with no way point assistance. Came out pretty smooth for going over 5 minutes....
  10. Helihover

    Multnomah Falls

    There are quite a few YT vids of this water fall, but I was in the area:) The last shot is pretty good coming from a P4...
  11. Tyler Mason

    Snowy drive through Oregon

    I took this picture with the P4 earlier this year while out in the Portland area. They had just gotten a ton of snow the day before, which made for some awesome drone footage. I really want to get back out to that area in the summer time. It's beautiful! (And a great place to fly.)
  12. Camera King

    Oregon Winter Dream

    A fresh winter snowfall in Southern Oregon. Music donated by bensound.com titled "Slow Motion". Videos shot in Rogue River, Grants Pass and Union Creek.
  13. Camera King

    Wild and Scenic

    So this is just my second effort at creating a video and each one I try, I learn more. But first...the legalities. Music was donated by bensound.com and is titled" Acoustic Breeze". So this clip from our local Rogue River which starts its life from the drainage from Crater Lake...
  14. Tyler Mason

    Snowy Oregon in 4K

    I just recently started flying the Phantom 4 (finally upgraded from the Blade Chroma) so I'm new to the Phantom Pilots group but happy to be here. I happened to be out in the Portland area when they got a ton of snow a few weeks back. It was awesome to get some footage of the snowy trees! Video...
  15. J


  16. Helihover

    Cool Union Pacific Train Shot!

    cut it a lil close on this one:)
  17. Helihover

    Rivers, Trees, and a Peter Gabriel Song

    Oh and a bunch of other stuff too!:)
  18. Helihover

    Largest Waterfall in the Pacific North West!

    I have filmed this waterfall before, but we just got a decent rain fall. The river is flowing pretty good here in these shots:)
  19. Helihover

    First Try at B&W

    It was a cloudy day and the colors were not that great. I decided during post I would just go all B&W and I'm pretty happy with the results. Hope you enjoy and thanks for whatching!
  20. G

    Hello, from Central Oregon!

    I'm pretty new to piloting... but lovin' it already! I am located 22 miles East of Mt. Hood, at Pine Hollow.