1. 3rdMcCorm

    Scripps Pier La jolla Shores Quick Edit

    Footage from La Jolla Shores, CA shot with P3P. This is my second video made and would appreciate any feedback. Fly safe!
  2. Zen Ho

    DJI Phantom 4 over Lantau South [4K]

    Fan Lau is a Cantonese name that means separating water flows. The tip points to Lantau Channel dividing the current from Pearl River and the water of South China Sea. Due to its military strategic position, Fan Lau Fort was built in Qing Dynasty to defend the territory.
  3. Moose408

    Waves video from San Jose Del Cabo

    I've had my Phantom 3 Pro for about 2 weeks now. I was in San Jose Del Cabo last week and decided to practice my video skills by taking videos of waves. Here is the result. Critique welcome.
  4. tboarder

    Tai Po Waterfront - Fly-by with a Phantom III Advanced

    For my fourth flight of the DJI Phantom III Advanced, I took it down to the Tai Po Waterfront Park in Hong Kong at 6:00 in the morning to see what I could capture. Among the 60+ crowd doing Tai Chi, yoga and dancing exercises to repetitive music tracks I set the buzzing filming platform up into...
  5. S

    Yacht Flight

    Guys I realize that when I'm next to metal objects my drone will tell me to move to different locations and try again. I was on a hotel roof with few metal pillars behind me and that still did not work. I will be on a yacht day after tomorrow and I have no idea what to do when I get the same...