no video feed

  1. P

    Refurbish Gimbal Boards

    Does anyone here refurbish the gimbal top board or know anywhere that does? Pretty sure my Amberella chip is shot and don’t wanna but a whole new unit.
  2. S

    Phantom 2 V3 Vision + No Motor Start, GPS Lock or Video

    I bought a used P2 V3 V+ that may have been in some kind of crash for parts or repair. I don't have much background on it, it has some small visible damage but the gimbal is intact and for the most part it looks like it may have been a minor crash, it came with the updated controller that...
  3. D

    No Video Transmission Signal

    I haven’t used my P3S since the summer, and today I pulled it out to make sure it was working fine since I am taking it on a trip. When I connected, it said No Video Transmission Signal without any video feed. The odd part is when I was trying to fix it, I restarted it several times and suddenly...
  4. D

    DJI P4P won't transmit video!

    I have a Phantom 4 Pro that had a recent crash. I had been flying the drone off and on for about a year using my Samsung Tab a(6) tablet without a hitch. Initially, when I received back my repaired drone during a test flight I noticed torn video and weird displayed video, though ALL other...
  5. R

    HELP! No video or telemetry downlink

    Hello everyone, My problem is, that I don't get a telemetry or video downlink from the drone to my remote. I can fly the drone, just without Video or any flight information. Its seems like I can transmit all the information to the drone, just won't receive anything. I've tried binding the...
  6. J

    P3advanced videofeed not showing in app, and app showing wrong drone!?

    check out the video of whats going on hi guys, i need some help on my phantom 3 advanced. app tells me im running dji proffesional and its not giving me any video feed. the signal is strong, i can fly the drone and move the gimball. i have tried pretty much anything now. like: - changing usb...
  7. Skyler King III

    P4P frequently looses GO4 Connection

    All fine until yesterday. Residential area off lake with lots of acreage. (unlikely interference). My Bluetooth turned off on iPhone. P4P would not connect to iPhone 7P after startup. Started and restarted iPhone, Controller and bird. Restarting iPhone 7 Plus (reboot) seems to fix (for a...
  8. P3A_Demon

    Headed to DJI for repair.

    Hello, Phantom 3 Advance owner here, trying to help a friend with a Vision Plus Video problem. I sent it in to DJI for diagnostics and was wondering about a couple things. Wanted some input from anyone who has sent one in. It has the WiFi (no video) issue, but also has a gimble obstruction...
  9. R

    Video downlink disconnected

    Phantom 4 issue, on my last flight I had the video downlink disconnect, and gps indicator showed "disconnected" but I still had control of drone and was able to fly back and land. But now when I try to set up again it just shows aircraft status as disconnected, and video telemetry is blank...
  10. Drywalljohnny

    PV2+ no live feed

    Hello all new here .great fourms ! .. Ok here is the million dollar question ? After countless weeks of Searching boards everywhere has any one actually found a fix to this issue ? I've done everything there possibly could be done other than take it apart .trust me I've done every trial an error...