no gps

  1. S

    Phantom 2 V3 Vision + No Motor Start, GPS Lock or Video

    I bought a used P2 V3 V+ that may have been in some kind of crash for parts or repair. I don't have much background on it, it has some small visible damage but the gimbal is intact and for the most part it looks like it may have been a minor crash, it came with the updated controller that...
  2. Z

    Can't get my p3p to fly

    I can't get my drone off the ground. I realized that the GPS was grayed out on my app, so I checked the connection inside the drone and the gps was dissconnected, problem solved, so i thought but after reconnecting and powering up again still no gps signal. When I turn the drone on it does...
  3. K

    No, GPS, RTK or ground Telemetry options - Need To Automate

    Hi Phantom Pilots; Here is the project I'm working on - take a drone and use it to do inspections in a metal building, in the mountains and oh by the way we don't want to be in the building when we fly. So Engineering challenges to solve 1) No GPS - Do you know of RTK systems that we could...
  4. tml4191

    p4p w/o GPS

    I just flew my p4p in a remote waterfall location, and the p4p did not pick up any satellites until it was up in the air. Once it started flying, it connected to only about 6 or less satellites, but it later loss connection to those satellites. Even with obstacle avoidance and all the sensors...
  5. N

    Flying in the woods with a DJI Phantom 3 Standard

    Not the ideal conditions to film due to the very harsh light, but I had to try a first flight in the woods with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. It was a learning experience ! GPS was very weak and took a few minutes for the drone to acquire signal. Then, when flying, I kept losing GPS signal, so...
  6. Bryonheath

    phantom 2 vision gps and batt info problem

    I have a phantom 2 I bought used when I power it on outside with the controller on and my phone connected to it and range extender on in the vision app it shows the sd card the range extender and the video feed but does not show battery life, gps satellites it will let me calabrate the compass...
  7. Bryonheath

    p2v second hand no gps or telementry?

    I just got a smoking deal on a p2v and its got a problem well 2 on the vision app its not showing me battery life , gps signals, or any other telementry only video feed so what I know is it needs a new gps mod or get this one fixed but will that cause all the telementry loss or possibly...
  8. X


    Hello, Drone Pilots. First I want to say hello to everyone and I'm grateful for your help and support. My issue is. I flew 20 or 30 times my bird (Vision plus) without any issue no crash hits or other problem and suddenly I lost in the vision app the GPS indication, live video, telemetry and...
  9. D

    Help with broken GPS

    So long story short, I crashed my drone and the GPS will not connect. The ceramic GPS antenna was cracked. I ordered and installed a new upgraded 4mm GPS antenna but I still cant connect. It could be one of a few problems: My solder gun needs flux and a new tip so it's possible the solder...
  10. Reymer_cvx

    No GPS when remote turned on

    Crashed my phantom 2 the other day at low height since then i havnt been able to get gps sattilies with the remote turned on, with the remote off it shows 10 sattilites on the fpv screen untill i turn remote on then drops straight to 0 satilites. any ideas?