1. makneyse

    Ways to improve exposure with fireworks at night; see video and in-depth explanation below

    Hi All, Last 4th of July I shot a nighttime fireworks video (with tons of planning, test flights, settings tests, etc.). I'm happy with the results but wondering if I could have done anything different to pull more light out of the shot without compromising the quality. Below are the settings I...
  2. M

    Dec 29th 2018 - Dec 31th 2018 - drone video registered by day and night

    Drone flights in Niemcz village in Bydgoszcz city registered by day and night and joined in one video. Video was registered by DJI Phantom 4 Professional v2.0 drone. Video was recorded in 4K quality. All flights took place in accordance with the applicable aviation law with the consent of PANSA...
  3. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    The Refinery

    P3P and the Refinery
  4. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    The Midnight people

    Filming during the night in Portland Oregon. interesting take on low light flight and the people that are up at that hour.
  5. L

  6. PilotRyan

    Strobe for your Phantom

    Hello Phantom Pilots My name is Ryan, owner of MultiRoto a US based manufacturer and designer of the PROLITE strobe and navigation lighting system. I started out creating lighting solutions for FPV, LOS, and freestyle flying but are expanding the products to include other UAS, UAV, and drones...
  7. J

    This is becoming addicting...

    I've owned my P4 for around 6 months now and I'm loving what all this bird can accomplish and can't the PhantomPilots community enough for their guidance and support with any and all questions that I've had. Truly y'all are awesome. So I figured I'd try and show with the community what I've been...
  8. AWD

    Why call Bat Man?

    When you can call "Drone Man"!! For those of you who don't get the "Drone Man" shadow and Bat Man, ask your dad. I was out doing some night ATTI work and with the P4 behind me and just coming up on my back, I caught this shot on the screen. Actually it took several "takes" to get it to come...
  9. jasonjlee

    Best Low-light settings

    Hi everyone, Since the Christmas season is here, I wanted to know with what phantom 4 settings I can capture the night lights the best with. I haven't used my drone for any night shots, so I'm curious as to what would bring the best quality out of my camera. I know some people have complained...
  10. Stingray14

    Double vision in night shots

    Okay before anyone offers ideas on changing my settings, let me tell you I am a 40 year photography user, and I have used every camera setting you can imagine, so its not a setting problem. I have been told that perhaps my lenses are not aligned and it does not show up except in night shots...
  11. D

    My first night vid! (Happy news)

    Among compass error an other tragically messages about the company, here is a smooth vid from my P3A. My location is Norway, Porsgrunn. Its a city located at both sides of a narrow river, making it wonderfull to fly over. I have flown 5 rounds during the last week and have some training from...
  12. J

    SANTA MONICA PIER (TRIBUTE TO FRANCE) | Phantom 4 4K Drone Video

    Santa Monica pier lit up with the colors of France! For more, check out DroneOnJohn on YouTube.
  13. Leça da Palmeira - Portugal

    Leça da Palmeira - Portugal

  14. Ralph M

    Night in the Mojave Desert

    It is a nearly full moon night in the Mojave Desert near Landers (CA) and I decided to see what kind of photo I could get using my Phantom 3. Tonight's image was taken at about 60 feet up, looking to the northeast, from the Center for Solar System Studies. It is a five second exposure (which...
  15. E

    Improve Fc40 camera night video

    Hi is there anything i can mod to improve night flying. The FPV camera on the FC40 is terrible thanks
  16. Volquem

    Harvesting Soybeans at night

    I was sitting in the buddy seat operating our P3P while my dad ran the combine. At about 1:25 the screen goes black - this is because I figured out how to flip the camera to face downward and the video comes back after a few seconds. At 6:35 I open the door and wave at the drone :) All the...
  17. tboarder

    Choppy footage. Any suggestions? DJI 3 Adv.

    Hi all, I'm a new owner of a Phantom 3 Advance and took it for a quick test filming the night after purchasing. The image quality I'm getting is terrible due to two main factors: Choppy/staggering footage Motion blur The second point should be just down to the shutter speed, which I will look...
  18. SFDTM

    Week One With My P3A (Night Shots & Pano)

    As a professional photographer i'm pretty blown away by camera on the Phantom 3, so **** happy that I made this investment. I'm still having trouble comprehending how the P3 takes a sharp 2-second exposure while way up in the air.