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  1. C

    Flying in Orange County??

    Hello Everyone. It's been so frustrating living in Orange County and trying to find places to fly and build up my 'seat time' and flying hours. I am looking for someone to be my 'wingman/woman' as I want to get some kind of footage and experience of flying over our spectacular coastline. I...
  2. B

    Hello from Indianapolis

    Hello everyone. I am somewhat a noobie. I live in Southport area.I started out on a Symax5, then I purchased a a Symax8w this summer from Craig's List and still wanted more so here I am. Friday I purchased my Phantom 3 Professional with an extra battery. Ordered a Pelican iM2600 that should be...
  3. G

    Advanced Broken gimbal+camera, need advice!

    Hi! I'm a real newbie in the drone world, so bear with me on this :) I recently bought the Phantom 3 Advanced, and I loved it! The most fun I’ve had I years. Unfortunately I had a little mishap with a Tree. So now my gimbal is broken (it actually is I a couple of parts with a lot of broken...
  4. D

    How best to fly in hilly areas? (Newbie question)

    Hi, I'm a new P4 owner, and this is my first drone. I have a dozen or so flights under my belt, but they have been extremely cautious efforts (up/down, small circles, etc). I want to make a fly-by of my house which is located in a rural area. The house sits on hilly land. The only place I...
  5. Morefield Productions

    Newbie Phantom 4 Pilot

    Hello everyone. I just signed up on this forum to get the best experiences from anyone who can give me input with regards to being better in flying my new drone. I just literally got this drone yesterday and I have so much questions. I hope I get help from everyone who is willing to put their...
  6. M

    Hello from NYC! -- new to the #dronelife

    Hi everyone - I'm brand new here. I don't have too much experience drone piloting, but figured I need a new expensive hobby to get into. I test drove a Phantom IV during SXSW and am sold on the DJI ecosystem. My only previous piloting experience was with a rather low quality Parrot mini drone...
  7. U

    Good News

    Phantom Navigation Stickers are now available. Have a look here.