new at forum

  1. B

    New to drones - Researching where to purchase DJI Mavic Air - DJI or dealer?

    I am a wedding videographer and have realized I need a drone to stay current and capture the outdoor wedding venues I film at. I am looking at getting the DJI Mavic Air for $799. I have two questions - 1) Should I purchase from DJI's website or from an authorized dealer online? I have heard...
  2. S

    Finally signed-up

    After droning (on) for 18 months, I have signed-up to the forum. S Germany. Anybody else out there in the area.?
  3. L

    Signal lost on p3 advanced.

    okay, so basically my new (second hand) phantom 3 advanced has been having a bunch of issues since i bought it, the most recent of which is it permanently saying "signal lost" on my phone (gs7). I have tried updating firmware and relinking the controller, neither of which had any success. This...
  4. nicholeburik

    Need some suggestions

    Hey guys, I am looking to buy a drone as a gift for somebody. I don't really have a budget, I just want to make sure that what I am buying will be the best if not close to the best. I came across this website and it looks like Phantom makes some quality drones. So I need suggestions. Which one...
  5. ai_manny

    Hi, all! New S1000+ Pilot Trying to Fly for the First Time.

    My name is Manny, I'm a Geology PhD student at the University of Texas at Arlington just getting into drones. This is my first time being on a forum, so my apologies if I do it wrong, lol. It's good to meet everyone. I've been looking into doing research involving remote sensing on UAV...
  6. I

    Battery issue

    Are there any general rules of thumb to tell me when I have a bad battery. I'm relatively new to drones and just getting into some of the technical aspects of it. Any direct advice would be helpful. BTW- I'm flying a P3 Advanced. Thanks.
  7. B

    New and need advice

    hello all, I am new to drones as well as this site and would like to ask for some advice from all you seasoned veterans. First off, I really appreciate any information you all give me and value an outlet as such! I'm currently in a job where I'm not appreciated and need out. I've saved some...
  8. T

    Camera Setting Help

    Hi fellow enthusiasts!! Recently upgraded from a Bebop 1 to a P4P. I'm still quite inexperienced and although I can fly the bird and get some nice Moving shots I'm struggling a bit with focusing and camera settings. Wondering if anyone could help explain the ISO and all the finer details. 9...
  9. A

    Helping Learning to Use a Drone in Maryland

    I am an aspiring drone owner and pilot in Baltimore, MD. Before I shell out $500 on my soon-to-be new hobby, I'd like to tag along with some people who know what they are doing. Is there anyone on this discussion board in my area interested in showing off to an aspiring newby? I don't need...
  10. donaldstone

    New P4 owner from The Villages, Florida

    Just purchased a P4 and I am hoping I will be able to do a better job flying this on than I did with the Yuneec Q500 4k.. I have a lot to learn about the software for this model but I am going to take it slow and easy till I know what all I have to do to fly it safely and without crashing
  11. M

    New Guy in the Neighborhood

    New to the group. I'm in GA I'm in market for actual first purchase. I hope not silly question but do I buy best I can or..... a lesser model first. Do I buy a bundle like from internet or through DJI or whoever. I am really wanting to get into this Hobby/Addiction as I've seen posted.... I can...
  12. HeadshotDeluxe

    Greetings, Just got a new Phantom 4...

    Great to meet everyone virtually. Just jumped onto the Phantom bandwagon. My previous milestone was a 3DR. Still to take the first flight, spent the evening with some Ommegang beer while opening and setting up updates and the new DJI 4 app. Drop me some tips and suggestions. I hope to chat...
  13. J

    First Time Using a Drone

    Hello all, I am purchasing my first drone, specifically the P3A. I have no experience flying a drone, but having been doing a lot of research via YouTube and on this website. Is there anything I should know specifically as a first time user? If there is any advice I would greatly appreciate it...
  14. Nowelly

    Drone newbie in the UK... Any advice welcome!

    Hello everyone! It's my first time here in this forum, and, it is my first time venturing into the world of drones, so, I am looking forward to talking with enthusiasts, experienced and hobbyists. I will just say that I still do not yet have my drone: it is on order, but DJI seem to be taking...
  15. GoWinther

    Introducing myself and asking for opinons :D

    Hey guys, My name is Gustavo Winther also know as Go Winther, i am a Brazilian Photographer and Filmmaker. In May of this year i bought my first drone the DJI Phantom 3 Standard, it was love at the first sight! It's amazing flying a drone and be high. I made a video just with drone i gonna put...