1. Brent10

    SOLD: P2V+ Parts for Sale (motors, batteries, main board, controller + long range antenna)

  2. M

    Naza won't recognise my pv2+?

    Hi guys, No matter what I try my pv2 + simply won't connect to Naza M more mater how much I try. I keep hoping to see the blue light flash up at the bottom left of the screen but it never happens? I'd be very grateful for your help and ideas. Thanks in advance. Ps I'm running Windows 8
  3. J

    Please help, did I brick my Phantom?

    So I made the mistake of ruining my motors by using mounting screws that were too long. Ruined the coils. I started the drone a couple of times and it had errors initially before I found out what was wrong. Not sure if the screws in the coils shorted anything out. I ordered new motors, the...
  4. jrod1944

    Faint constant beeping.

    I had a big crash and have put my phantom back together. I replaced one bad esc, a bad compass and cable. I am still getting a faint constant beeping. Some one said it could be the Naza, are there other possibilities? Thanks in advance
  5. N

    ***RESOLVED***HELP! Newbie - - - NAZA issue or...

    Hey everyone! I've been wanting to jump to a phantom or 3DR for a while, but due to sheer cash with things being tight, it hasn't happened... until now! FYI this might be a slightly long read due to writing down all my thoughts in this... I picked up a "for parts" original Phantom (confirmed...
  6. D

    30.1 m/s decent rate ...

    So, this could apply to any phantom I guess, mine, a P2 with HD3 and Go Pro, with boscam downlink. Flying fine as normal yesterday, after the 2nd flight just coming into the LZ at about 50m the phantom starts to drop on it's on accord. No low battery, no loss of signal, no obvious anything. It...
  7. Nate-xt

    Phantom 2 remote pairing and naza problems

    Hi! I recently bought a phantom 2 from dji's online store. I charged all of the battery's and setup everything the way dji said too. And then then upgraded the firmware, and then went to take for a test flight, but when powered on, I just got the yellow flashing lights of "no connection to...
  8. Y

    Navigation system

    I am trying to get insurance for my P3S and one company is asking for the quote which navigation system it has. i'm guessing its something like the naza-m v2 but maybe one of you could enlighten me? thanks in advance.
  9. N

    Phantom disarming ?!

    I changed the receiver in my Phantom 2 in order to control it with my Taranis Plus. All the modes are working fine, I calibrated everything and all is good except that when my throttle is in the down position it disarms and the motors stop spinning. This is nerve wracking since I always have...
  10. M

    Upgrade Woes

    I have a Phantom 1.2 and just upgraded the NAZA v2 to firmware version 4.02. The upgrade procedure seemed to go well. After flashing the firmware, I loaded the default settings, calibrated the transmitter, the compass, and the IMU, and re-enabled IOC. Unfortunately, when I powered-up the...