1. D

    Should i fly my drone from home?

    Hey, I have Phantom 3 FC 40 (without any upgrades) and I wanted to know if I should fly the drone from the balcony to outside. Once I tried to turn on the drone in the balcony and the LED indicator showed that below 5 satellites are found even thought when it'll be outside it will have a...
  2. PilotRyan

    Strobe for your Phantom

    Hello Phantom Pilots My name is Ryan, owner of MultiRoto a US based manufacturer and designer of the PROLITE strobe and navigation lighting system. I started out creating lighting solutions for FPV, LOS, and freestyle flying but are expanding the products to include other UAS, UAV, and drones...
  3. Techcop50

    Satellite map images not loading on P4P Plus

    Anyone else experiencing this problem? If I boot the Plus controller up by itself (no UAV online), it shows great maps for China. But if I start the aircraft and get a GPS lock, it bounces over to my location with just very basic maps, and the satellite images don't zoom in at all, just gives...
  4. rDp

    Strobe/Navigation Lights for P4 and P2V

    I'm looking for a supplier for Strobe/Navigation lights for my P4 and P2V. At a distance I am unable to identify via line-of-sight my flight direction. Does anyone have any suggestions?