motor obstructed

  1. R

    Rope caught in motor

    I was flying the drone (phantom 3) and I ran into a rope that was hanging of the side of the house. It got caught in the motor and it gave me a motor obstructed error. It seems to be working fine after I untangled it, but I'm wondering if it is okay.
  2. W

    Motor & ESC/Centreboard inspection

    In an unnecessary rush I've made a stupid error and killed my P3A - persistent ESC errors despite all the standard troubleshooting. The story is: after some routine maintenance I used the wrong screws (too long) to mount the motors, I assume the majority of the damage was done when trying to...
  3. Ardy

    Dreadful Crash

    Hello All, New user in this forum, Bought my P3-A abt 2 weeks ago, Been flying for years with cheaper models of helicopters and quad copters.....I had my eyes on the Phantom for years and watch it grow. Finally bit the bullet. In any event on my third fly something strange happened, I did the...
  4. Thrasher

    My first "pucker" moment!

    Hi all, Had my three week old P3P out today in some open rural country and decided to try and actually fly it out a ways further than I have been. I made it out to the mile point and only had a couple of moments of low signal. I got back to almost to my landing spot and had been testing RTH a...