1. M

    Field monitor and phantom 4pro v2.0

    I understand the "part 54" HDMI module is not compatible with the "version 2.0" of the Phantom 4pro. Has anyone found any way to have a "field monitor" with P4PV2 .
  2. N

    SOLD - Crystalsky 7.85" Ultra Brightness New $750 US

    Selling my Crystalsky 7.85 Ultra Brightness. Includes two batteries and battery charging hub. Free shipping to lower 48 only. Price $750 US. Mount shown in photos not included. This is a new unit I confirmed with DJI. The one I purchased in May of this year was having sound issues. I just...
  3. B

    Tablet as second monitor for Nvidia Shield

    I have several ANDROID tablets laying around and am trying to figure out how to use one as a second monitor for my NVidia Shield to avoid the cost of buying an external monitor. I do have an ipad I could use but prefer no to because it is on its last leg. I also have a Kindle Fire HD but that...
  4. S

    FPV Issue Black Pearl Monitor

    Hello, I am posting this for a friend. I am not getting any live feed from the Black Pearl Monitor using a GoPro Hero 4. These are my specs: ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz 600mw 7 Channel Video Transmitter: Band F PAL setting Rx1 & 2 are on Ch6 Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  5. David Cooke

    P4Pro Wifi HDMI

    I have a Nyrius 600 Wifi connected to a BlackPearl 7" monitor to allow a nearby observer to see what I'm seeing. Trouble is it's a bit bulky . . eats the monitor battery (maybe 20 min) . . . and has to be within 15-20ft for a decent stable connection . . . It's meant for indoor use. I added...
  6. Techcop50

    DJI Soon Beaming straight to Smart TVs...

    Anyone else seen this? DJI streams drone footage to your television
  7. E

    Voltage monitor

    I had a bad experience with Voltage Monitor. I was charging the batteries looking at the voltage monitor and discovered that the indication is saturating at 4.20 V which also is the maximum suggested voltage. Unfortunately I did wait a few to shut down the charger, just to see the first...
  8. R

    Does your P4P+ controller overheat?

    My controller (especially on the input/output ports right under the top of the controller) is EXTREMELY hot to the touch after only being on a few minutes. Haven't flown yet; is this normal? It actually burns to where I have to remove my finger after 2 seconds or it'll hurt. Should I send it back?
  9. dotster77

    promotion ended

    promotion ended..
  10. A

    Stand Alone Extra Bright Tablet

    I REALLY hope DJI starts selling the tablet(s) as a stand alone item. The Phantom 4 Pro has the 5.5 inch, but I believe I heard they are offering a 7.5 or 8 inch with the Inspire as well. So, if they would sell these as separate accessories, I would be all over it. I have trouble justifying...
  11. tml4191

    HDMi Module...can I adjust the screen size?

    I have a lilliput 668gl 7 inch tft lcd monitor that is hooked up to my phantom. It cuts off the image a little bit on the sides. The only options on the monitor itself is pretty much changing the format from 16:9 to 4:3, or I'm missing the how to because I got this used. Does anyone know how I...
  12. A

    Feelworld FPV 718

    Hi all, I would like to add a wireless monitor to my phantom 3 pro (and inspire 1) setup. Does anyone know if the feelworld 718 can wirelessly receive the videostream from the camera, without an HDMI connection? Cheers and thanks in advance, Andreas
  13. 28wins

    Sunny and bright conditions

    I am attaching a picture taken as a screenshot from a DJI Global video (on their Instagram). The drone pilot uses what looks like a great solution to fly when it's very bright and sunny out. Does anyone use this and/ or know where to get one? I use an iPad Mini and I can't see anything when I...
  14. Carl1770

    Best monitor/tablet for P4

    Evening All! After losing a P3 and rendering the gimble on a P2 inoperable after a roll over on landing (I've taught myself to catch it now), I'm about to shell out the dollars needed for a P4. I'm hoping for rather less drama with the P4 as recent events have led to me being labeled, unfairly...
  15. mandofresh

    FPV monitor 5.8ghz with mount

    Selling a 7 inch RX-LCD5802 dual diversity monitor with neck strap mount. Also includes charger, original box and all original cables. $70
  16. FantomFlier

    Connecting the HDMI module to a HD monitor powered through an inverter?

    I have the HDMI output module and I am very pleased with the quality of the picture on a Philips HDMI monitor. I am using a 5 meter HDMI standard to mini cable which means I can connect the RC to the monitor and fly from outside my study, with the monitor plugged into the mains. However, I...
  17. Lance Dwight

    What drone should I buy if I want....

    Hi all, I'm looking for a drone that can: Automatically track a specific subject Automatically wait in a location until the subject arrives I'm looking for a drone that can leave my apartment in Boston, MA and go down to the bus stop wait until my girlfriend arrives and then monitor her...
  18. I

    Black Pearl or Lilliput - which would you sell?

    Hi, I am about to list a Phantom 2 kit for sale on eBay. I have two Phantoms (long story) which are identical in all regards except the fpv monitor. One is a Black Pearl Diversity (32 channel), the other is a Lilliput (it doesn't seem to have a model number, though). Both Phantoms have 25mW TX...
  19. lumbra9foto

    Iphone 4 as monitor for my P3P???

    That's my question basically. I use a nokia lumia so that's out of the question, my sister is gonna gift me her old Iphone 4 and I'm wondering if can be used as the monitor to flight the P3P Thanks and sorry in advance if this question has been answered before but I didn't find any topic or...
  20. W

    FPV Interference

    Hi, I have recently purchased an FPV monitor and tx however, I am currently experiencing interference with the set up I have. I have a Flysight Black Pearl 5.8ghz monitor, ImmersionRC 25mW 5.8ghz, Fat Shark spironet CP antennas. I have soldered all of these onto the my Phantom 2 connecting up...