1. H

    Warning:Max Flight Altitude Reached - ruins my work, pls help.

    Hello, I do fly P4P for as long as it was available, and I did fly earlier Phantoms and other drones before, so i do have quite a bit of experience with these. But on occassion P4P gives me grief with this warning: Max Flight Altitude Reached - change in MC if required. when it happens, it is...
  2. K

    PS3 Suddendly short range, Mode Changed to WiFi Reconnect?

    Hi everyone I buyed a broken PS3 over a year ago and could fix it after a few attempts. Everything worked okay and with an windsurfer I even managed to reach distances over 1km! But now from one day to the other I only can fly ca. 70m then the aircraft loses signal and returns home. In the...
  3. New Phantom Owner

    Airmap Autonomous Flight & DJI Connect: Flight Plan Options

    So I now consistantly achieve at least a solid mile range in most conditions with my current mods on my P3S. Working on my Cinematography and flight/shooting techniques, a desire for use of a certain feature has come about. I am seeking information regarding successful autonomous flights...
  4. dougvg

    Tripod Mode fails dues to "Mission Conflict"

    About every 10th time I use Tripod mode, as soon as I select tripod mode, I get a failure message citing a "Mission Conflict." The tripod mode actually doesn't fail, it activates and works correctly, but then refuses to exit tripod mode when the "stop" button is pressed. If the drone is far...
  5. J

    Litchi: Out of Range Tilt Camera Action

    Hello, I have a Phantom 3 Standard. I have flown a few out of range missions with Litchi. The drone points in the direction but does not point camera down. I understand the app cannot angle the gimbal if the drone is out of range. From my understanding, after reading many threads on the topic...
  6. SoCalDude

    What is "Mode changed to GPS HotPoint" mean?

    In my HealthyDrone logs, under General > Notification, there is an item called, "Mode changed to GPS HotPoint". What does this indicate? (this is from a Phantom 4 flight)
  7. SoCalDude

    Do all modes provide hover?

    Do all modes on the P4 provide automatic hovering capability? Is there a mode where I would have to manually maintain altitude and position?
  8. A-P

    ACTIVE Tracking QUESTION (with video)

    Have you noticed a green arrow pointing to either left or right when Active Tracking is engaged? What does that arrow mean or point to?!? You can see that in this video (from 2:05 to 2:17):