1. Cellblock776

    Did some flying, dodged a couple of low fliers

    It's a nice day although we have a line of thundershowers to the west about to roll in this afternoon. So I figured on spending a bit of my morning off work doing a bit of UAV flying over my neighborhood. Just playing around doing some lazy, relaxing flying with my Phantom 3 Standard. Not far...
  2. Cellblock776

    On the Mississippi River Levee in St Gabriel, Louisiana

    Got some flying in this past week and finally got around to editing up a couple more videos. Since they are my personal, hobby flights I posted them to you YouTube channel. I tend to leave my Vimeo channel for my work flight videos. The first is a few of the barges and tugs working on the...
  3. Cellblock776

    Anyone (else) doing Security patrols with sUAV?

    I see a lot of "public safety" agencies adopting UAVs for doing law enforcement and fire scene uses. What I don't see a lot is using them for regular patrols and surveillance in a private security role. I work for the Public Safety (security) department of a large hospital system. Our...
  4. Cellblock776

    Hello from greater Baton Rouge

    Long time reader, (about a year), and new member after procrastinating for quite a while. I work as a Public Safety Officer/Dispatcher (security) for a hospital system in Baton Rouge, La. Last year our new Director of Public Safety decided to begin a sUAS program. Since I'm pretty much the...
  5. ksavoie

    Phantom 3 & GoPro Alligator Hunting Video.

    Louisiana issues alligator tags based on the type of marsh and the amount of marsh land owned (approx 150 acres per tag). This conservative method has thrived in Louisiana and has been adopted by other states. If done right, Alligators are a renewable resource that is respected and keeps...
  6. CenLA

    New bill introduction for drone trespassing in Louisiana

    Senate Bill 124, Dan Claitor, R- Baton Rouge, creates the crime of trespassing with a drone if it is flown less than 350 feet above someone’s property without his or her permission. Creates the crime of criminal trespass by unmanned aircraft. AN ACT 2 To enact R.S. 14:63.1, relative to...
  7. rickray

    Mississippi River and Industrial Flight

    Here's a little Phantom 3 Pro flying along industrial areas of the Mississippi River and New Orleans. There is something haunting and beautiful about abandoned and industrial places. Thanks to Flickstakr for the tip on flying the abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans...spooky place!