1. J

    Flight log Felder/fields

    Hallo zusammen, im Rahmen meines Studiums arbeite ich etwas an meiner (privaten) Phantom 3 ADV und lese die LOG Files der Drohne aus. Ich habe schon einiges recherchiert doch manche Felder des LOG Files werden mir nicht ganz klar. Hätte jemand für die folgende Felder vllt eine beschreibung...
  2. S

    Stop logging

    Hi New to the drone world. Just got my P4 (-: Is there a way to stop the flight data logging while the drone is turned ON? Do not want to fill the card before starting the flight, do not want to overwrite older logs. Thanks a lot in advanced
  3. L

    New log website, http://logmydrones.com

    Hey guys, I would like to invite you to check out the product of my work for the past few months :) I know there are several websites out there visualizing and analyzing the log files, but as a programmer I thought it would be fun to try to create something on my own. The site is completely...
  4. S

    How retrive P4 flight log after autonomous flight (with Litchi)

    I love flying by waypoints feature of Litchi; and I frequently do so with connection lost. During loss of signal, which might be quite long, I have no data regarding the flight log. Only i can see the video recorded and be sure the mission is done correctly. Is there a way to download the...
  5. SoCalDude

    What is "Mode changed to GPS HotPoint" mean?

    In my HealthyDrone logs, under General > Notification, there is an item called, "Mode changed to GPS HotPoint". What does this indicate? (this is from a Phantom 4 flight)
  6. SoCalDude

    HealthyDrones is Broken

    For me, and from the looks of it on the HealthyDrones forum, it seems like a bug in their iOS uploading software is preventing any flights from being sync'ed from the DJI cloud. The error upon attempt to sync your flights is, "Unable to upload to HealthDrones, check Token" HD is working on the...
  7. B

    Heads up, DJI GO - iOS 3.0.2 problems

    Just for info really, looks like version 3.0.2 of the DJI Go app realeased a few days ago is causing problems with logs getting deleted and/or removing any GPS/Map data. As mentioned on this forum before, it's worth holding off any updates for a while! Instructions for disabling auto-updates...
  8. K

    1-Click Flight Summary Reports

    Hi everyone, Today at nvdrones.com we've introduced new functionality to instantly create beautiful, comprehensive, flight summaries with just 1 click. All you need to do is upload a flight log to nvdrones.com then press the "Report" button to create a PDF you can share online or download. This...
  9. SoCalDude

    Flight Logs

    I'm knew to the Phantom. My P4 arrives tomorrow. Woo-hoo! I understand that the Go app creates flight logs. What if I occasionally use another app like Litchi? Does it keep its own log? If so, do both the Go and Litchi apps allow exporting the logs to some common format (CSV, Excel, etc) so...
  10. J

    D-Log Colour vs NONE - Detailed comparison

    I'm sure this has been posted here before, but I did a search and couldn't find it anywhere. Does everyone agree with this? Hopefully it is useful to some newbies, like myself.
  11. Justin Kietzman

    Dealing with compression artifacts and yucky image quality in LOG color space?

    I've been working with the Phantom 3 Advanced and I never seem to be able to get the LOG footage to look any good, I keep trying to shoot in it because it is similar to the Blackmagic footage I work with on a daily basis. The LOG color space seems to really bump up the compression of the image...
  12. ferraript

    [TOOL][WIN] Offline TXT FlightRecord to CSV Converter

    Hi folks, I'm glad to present you the result of my work. A lot of us have been unhappy, because until now, there was no offline TXT FlightRecord to CSV Converter. And after websites such as HealthyDrones and djilogs.com started to charge for their services, I decided I really need some offline...
  13. MAskinut

    Log Analysis Help

    I've been doing some research on why my drone dropped from the sky very shortly after takeoff. I was in a very rural area in New Zealand and had good signal, good battery etc. It was in a full takeoff and then just turned off and dropped. The battery was still intact when I recovered it...
  14. Palmieri

    Phantom 3 Log Code [19 00] Update Error

    Hi guys, someone know what's the code [19 00] for? Im trying to update but an error on this section block my update and give me the update error. All normal procedures to update are clear (clean sd card, format, download again, unzip, etc). I hear of some CUSTOM UPGRADES for this specificall...