linking led light

  1. H

    Standard Can't link RC with controllet

    Hi, I reset my controller frequency by switching the s2 button back and forth. Now I cannot get my rc(P3 model: w321) to pair with my remote. In trying to push the linking button, I believe it broke and became jammed under the housing. (Picture attached) It seems to me this was more of an led...
  2. Photocopter

    [SOLUTION] Unable to connect with controller after upgrade

    Hi fellow pilots! I am posting here a fix to a linking problem, maybe someone also got stuck there. I was looking for a fix to my issue all over the net but none of the existing posts was helpful. I had an upgrade notification few days ago (since I don't connect my iPad to wifi too often)...
  3. J

    P3 Standard Link Button Replacement?

    So my P3 recently took a tumble, most of which i've replaced, not too bad damage, BUT I need to re-synch my controller to the aircraft and MY LINK BUTTON IS GONE. Does anyone know of any place I could get a replacement button/connection to mount it back to the motherboard, or should I just look...
  4. M

    Standard Linking Everytime

    Hi, i have an issue and i need your kindly help!! the problem is that i have to link the rc every time i turn it on to use it, but when i turn it on the rc led is green and the yellow lights of the copter appears. i do not know what to do!! Thanks
  5. arsovicy

    Standard P3 and RC not connecting

    Hi, I can't link the my newly purchased DJI P3 Standard to my RC. I have followed up all the steps and went as far as having a video live feed on the DJI GO App. However the P3 is not connected: I found out when I could not calibrate (press calibrate on the DJI GO App but nothings happened)...