1. PhantomWetSuits


    Electricity went out , Black out: Flew straight up just about 200 ft and pointed towards the Flash of light over the lake erie. Had I known I was capturing all this , would have kept flying longer. We posted some of the other frames on are website. Had no idea what I...
  2. PhantomWetSuits

    Taking on a Blizzard - White Out - Freezing conditions

    Sony camera struggled with the White Out conditions but the Phantom 4 pro delivered with flying colors. Notice how much better you can see the Drone with the Trauma 1 Wet Suit, it made a big difference in keeping the drone in visual sight as visibility was about 40 ft it Winds were whipping...
  3. PhantomWetSuits

    New Product release - WET SUITS to fly in the rain. :}

    We have recently released are new product line the Phantom 4 Wet Suits that will allow you fly in the rain without the drone taking in any water. One of the questions that was asked today was why we did not cover the entire drone in Scuba Neoprene and the answer is we did at first but the...
  4. M

    Lighting Strike on Film!

    Well I managed to get a lighting strike on video just before the storm came my way - scary stuff! Watch it here - Off to Scotland next week to get some more footage :)
  5. J

    #DRONEON | FIREWORKS AND LIGHTNING | Phantom 4 4K Drone Video

    Shot this during a thunderstorm in Tennessee. For more, check out #DRONEON on YouTube.
  6. 28wins

    Dedicated Satechi USB to Lightning 10" flexible cable thread

    Hello everyone, I am Tom. Very thankful for these forums! Today I am contributing one of my findings. This thread is to show off the solution I picked to solve the dangling cable connecting the drone controller to a phone/ tablet. I have been flying for several years and with my P4, I...