ipad mini

  1. D

    CPU Overload Warning

    Hi I am used to getting many warnings from my Phantom 3 Standard, but this weekend I experienced a new one; 'CPU Overload' on my iPad Mini 1. Yes, I know you are not meant to use an old iPad Mini with the Phantom, but that is all I can afford for now. It happened after I flew 1/2 a km away...
  2. Æ

    Remote Control RC does not switch on

    Hi, I just purchased a brand new Phantom 3 Advanced and downloaded the software on the PC and the App to my iPad mini. All went well with the drone update (lights and noises as it accepted the upgrade) . I plugged in the iPad and the system camera came up on the screen asking for an upgrade, I...
  3. P

    iPad mini 4 or iPad Pro 9.7 or iPad Air?

    Hi all, I know there's been a few threads on this already, but I'm looking for a few specific answers and hope you can help! I would like to upgrade from using my iPhone 6 as the screen on the remote to something a bit bigger where I can see more details and frame my shots better. - Which...
  4. Rapacious

    Phantom 4 Controller Device

    **I found some more P4 threads that helped.** I am setting things up currently using my Samsung 6S and going to take her out to fly tomorrow. I have a first generation iPad Mini that I would like to use as my permanent display. It is WiFi only. I know the display isn't top end (i.e. Retina)...
  5. J

    Phantom 3 Standard DIY Tablet Mount GoPro Mod

    This is a simple mod i made for my iPad Mini. I didn't have the right size bolt so i just used what i had and used a lot hot hot glue to anchor it even more. I might modify it later if it becomes loose, but for the moment it is not an issue.
  6. Carolyn

    Can't access camera from DJI GO app.

    Last summer, I was able to use my iPad mini with my DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. This year, I've been unable to access the app to update the RC firmware - it just gives me the 'How to connect' page. Any suggestions?
  7. N

    DJI Go Will not connect / won't go past "Connect" screen

    Ok here is my plight. Aircraft firmware 1.4 (latest available) Controller 3.?? (updated when i got it in august) DJI go 2.4 on an (ipad mini 2, ipad air 2,iphone 6 plus, ipad mini 1) yes i've tried them all. Have even wiped out one ipad and reverted back to dji go before 2.4. ( wish i had a copy...
  8. T

    ipad mini 2 wifi only

    Hi guys, i would like to ask you some question.. I'm italian so i'm sorry about my orrible english. I have an ipad mini 2 with Wi-Fi only and i'm going to buy a phantom 3 pro, which limitations will i have with no cellular connection? should i buy an ipad with 3g/4g?
  9. A

    iPad Mini + cellular for professionals

    Hi, we all know that - for all those folks that can afford it - the iPad + cellular models are the way to go because of the GPS sensor and ability to DL the maps, I would ask: how many professional pilots shoot with an iPad Mini Retina? Of course a bigger screen is better, but thieved Air...