ipad 2

  1. C

    Litchi export strange waypoints in my mission

    Hi, If I import a csv file with 2 following way points being at the same lat/lon but with different heading, it seems Litchi create a buggy mission. Look at the 2 two attached pictures and you will see 2 points near the equator ! I can skirt this problem if for exemple I change the later...
  2. G


    Hi, I am trying to run Litchi with my iPad, but I am getting about 2-3 secs video lag. I do not have DJI Go running at all and there is plenty of capacity on my iPad. The Litchi programme works fine with my iPhone 6 and the drone works fine with DJI Go. My only thought is that the iPad is...
  3. E

    Ipad 2 transmission glitch interference

    Im set up my new p4 on the Dji Go app with an ipad 2 and the video transmission looks with green lines, some delay and distortion but when I conect it with my iphone 6s the transmision looks perfect, with no lines or delay. I tried with my brothers ipad and occurs the same. What could be doing...
  4. dynamic3dSolutions

    ~New DJI Controller Tablet Extension Clips.~

    Phantom 3 / Inspire 1 Tablet Extension Clips. If your like me and use a large tablet when flying you have probably had the same issues as many others when trying to hold it in the stock controller. It either fits just barely and pops out over the littlest bump or if you use a hard case to...
  5. M

    P4 not connecting to iPad 2

    I have connected my iPad 2 to the controller, turned on the controller and P4, and turned on the current application. However, it says there is no connection to the P4. As a result, the dashboard will not appear. Any ideas why this is a problem? Thanks.