1. New Phantom Owner

    Responsible Battery Use?

    So I have this Phantom. It has a Battery. Lasts around 20 minutes or so. Also have a car charger to charge away from home. I am in the market for an extra battery or three. My question is how long of a cool down time is sufficient, adequate, and or responsible for the longevity of the drone's...
  2. G

    Obsidian vs White P4P - Bird Attacks/Heat Issues?

    We just put an order in for a P4P Obsidian. The salesman got back to us saying they did not have any Obsidian in stock and that the "industry" is leaning away from using black because birds attack them and they run warmer in the summer. We like the Obsidian purely because it looks a little...
  3. J

    Drop out after ~100m (previously 600-800+)

    Hey guys. Haven't been flying as much as I used to due to working 6 days a week. I've kept the drone up to date with software and making sure the batteries are in good health every so often but haven't properly flown it. When I did get a chance though I found I couldn't get more than 60-100m...
  4. E

    Effect of warmer air

    Im wondering if warmer temperature of the air can be the cause of my drone not being able to fly as far as it did earlier this year. I know warm air or mainly hot air is lighter and the drone would probably have to work harder to remain in flight. Any help with this would be appreciated...
  5. AWD

    Happy Birthday #1 Battery

    All, For those of you who keep track of your battery recharges, my #1 battery just hit 100 today. I have 5 batteries total and the others are ranging from 90 to 45 charges. Just for reference. AD
  6. Pharm

    P3S Camera MAJOR overheating

    While shooting a short video today, my camera on my P3S overheated, sort of messing up my shot. Is this anything to worry about or do you think it'll be ok once it's cooled down overnight?
  7. SoCalDude

    Equipment Left in Hot Car All Day?

    If I leave my P4, controller, charged batteries, etc. in my car all day--which may get very hot--are there any problems taking it out and flying it right away?
  8. D

    NewB pilot with a question (Thermal)

    Hi guys, Since a couple of days I am the proud owner of a DJI Phantom 4. I am really loving the craft and I am having a blast everytime it is airborne :-) There is still a burning (heheh) question that I am having, Is there any way to mount a Thermal camera to the P4? Preferably with live...