1. J

    Healthy Drones Issues

    I signed up for Healthy Drones and have really been enjoying the 1-month gold trial. It's very interesting seeing how things in there compare to my logs. I did notice two issues that I'm having issues figuring out relating to the batteries. First, it had 4 batteries when I synced my drone up...
  2. SoCalDude

    HealthyDrones is Broken

    For me, and from the looks of it on the HealthyDrones forum, it seems like a bug in their iOS uploading software is preventing any flights from being sync'ed from the DJI cloud. The error upon attempt to sync your flights is, "Unable to upload to HealthDrones, check Token" HD is working on the...
  3. B

    Phantom Data Files

    Just learning how all this works. I'm using HealtyDrones to display flight logs and data. It's an amazing tool, and I'm happy with it. That said, I seem to be missing about 2 months worth of flying this summer. I've got flight log files before and after this period. In looking at the .DAT files...
  4. tgmaverick

    Drone Logbook not accepting DJI logs

    Since upgrading DJI Go to version 2.85, I can no longer upload flight logs to They have a message stating that their program can no longer parse these logs and to just use Autoflight instead. However, I have a bunch of logs that I'm just waiting to upload but not sure if I...
  5. Skyler King III

    HealthyDrones work with the DJI Go App?

    I like the reports ng and logging feature of HealthyDrones and and don't mind TOO MUCH the $6.95 per month BUT I'd prefer to use it with DJI Go. Is that possible?
  6. Procharged97

    Healthy Drones HD Sync for iOS

    Hey whats up guys, For those of you who use iOS and use Healthy Drones and wished they had the HD Sync like they do for android, it will be out shortly. You can sign up to Beta test it now ( I am currently testing). This is from Healthy drones forum. Send an email to get an invite to start...
  7. RozBujnik

    Flight Log TXT File Contains Photos

    Uploaded the flight log txt file to healthydrones to checkup my new battery, only to find the file embeds photos taken by my phantom 3 pro, low resolution. How do I stop it? Meaning: I don't want photos in the flight log txt file. Alternatively: is there a way to strip the photos info from...
  8. WetDog

    P3P Max distance - RC vs. Healthy Drones

    In my local terrain (125+ foot tall Spruce / Hemlock forest) I am getting roughly 1500 - 1700 feet of range before the RC starts to complain of poor video signal and, on occasion, poor RC signal. The screen video does break up, indicating to me that signal is indeed degrading. This is on a...
  9. Skyeyevideo

    My allotment from the air - Henley on Thames, England

    Many a happy hour spent here "growing my own"....
  10. A

    Questions about telemetry, flight logs and HealthyDrones

    I've only flown a dozen times or so, but would like to see all I can see from the data generated. I have been reading bits and pieces about downloading telemetry data and uploading to HealthyDrones. How is that accomplished and what can I expect to see? Any other sites/apps/programs recommended...
  11. E

    HealthyDrones / DJI Battery diagnostics

    I'm getting similar analysis to the picture below on one of my batteries from, but 100% "battery life" remaining (4 lights on the battery when I hold the button down for 5 seconds)...I'd like thoughts on how best to identify a battery that is going bad before your bird drops...