gyroscope not working

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    Gimbal gyroscope error

    Hi gyroscope error i have new cable in my gimbal thantom 3 standard and this problem is
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    Are compatible the P3S and P3 SE Gyroscope Units?

    I need to replace the sensor unit which is located at roll motor of a P3S. Can I use one from a P3 Se?
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    Gimbal not responding but camera is!?!?

    I am new to all of this. I just got the Phantom 3 standard and of course on flight #2 I hit a branch and crashed it. It broke the roll arm. I have since replaced both the yaw arm, the roll arm and the ribbon cable. With the help of several You Tube videos. It all went back together fine. The...
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    Gimbal gyroscope error

    Anyone have some iformation about this problem? How to fix it? Hi, need help. My camera gimbal started to not work in middle of my flight. Strange... 5 min ago I had little crash when landing (but not to hard). And after that it was working. First gimbal was moving like crazy and didn't start...