green screen

  1. Keith Mitchell

    Problems with DJI Go4 disappear in Litchi

    I fly a P4P and use a 32GB iPad Air (about 3 years old). I'm Part 107 certified but only fly about twice a month. Still, I stay up-to-date with the latest firmware before I fly. Lately, my iPad screen has been turning green on and off while flying, regardless of which frequency I use. This...
  2. M

    Anybody willing to voice chat about some Phantom 4 issues?

    Anybody willing to voice chat about phantom 4 issues? My iPad mini 2 has constant green screen interference. I have updated the phantom and reinstalled the app. I would love to talk with someone to help. I will be willing to pay. Reply here and I'll send you my number .
  3. Envirodiver

    FPV problems on P4P

    I have been having major break up, freezes, total green screen, black screen and general break up on my P4P. It has been returned to service 4 times, replaced twice and I even go a new iOs. The service manager in California says they ran it for over an hour on all different devices and find no...
  4. Phantom Wally L.I. N.Y.

    Video Transmission To Ipad Mini Problem Since Update 8/2017

    I have been using my dedicated Ipad mini with my P3P for 2 years without a problem. I updated the AC to 1.11.20. RC to 1.9.2 and Go App to 3.1.13, all without a problem. First time I flew, I get a message "Mobil device fully loaded" and a partial green screen in the camera view. I tried another...
  5. Daskid

    RC Firmware compatible with AC Firmware 01.03.0509

    Hi All, Does anybody know which RC firmware version works best with AC firmware 01.03.0509? I am experiencing an issue with transmission where the screen flickers then a green screen appears. The same flickering and green screen issue is being recorded in the micro SD card from the AC. I have...
  6. Paul55

    Hardware Decoding Gone?

    I know this is my 2nd attempt to post this question but with the new GO 4 Update (May 2017) Hardware Decoding Setting is no longer available. I use the ipad mini 2 and never had any issues with the video received during flight however after the update I am getting the green screen and...
  7. N

    Possible Video Downlink Fix for P4P

    Note: this ONLY applies to the downlink video and NOT the video recorded on the onboard Card Having experienced horrible lag, complete loss of image and green screen with a P4P+ I returned it (Amazon returns are totally, absolutely 100% trouble free by the way) and got the non-plus P4P It was...
  8. Magestri


    I flew my Advanced today, and each time a shot a photo, I lost FPV while is seemed to process the image, then I didn't get the video back until I hit the record button on the video. Anything I can do about this?