gps tracker

  1. jakobe75

    Ping GPS bracket

    So Ping claims that we will have our devices by the end of February it seems. Does anyone have a link to a mounting bracket for the phantoms? I wonder if a Trackimo type bracket work?
  2. kerrylaw7307

    Drone Tracker for sale - $59. Includes 1 month of service. Only $3/month after that.

    Is anyone interested in a small tracker for your drone? I will be selling a fully functional, ready to go, GSM/GPRS/GPS tracker. It has a pre-configured SIM card installed and the battery is charged. All you have to do is make $3/month payments to the T-mobile account to keep the SIM card...
  3. jakobe75

    If you Pre ordered a PING, you should read this

    Bad news for Ping. Somewhere a Trackimo vendor is arm pumping his way to the bar. Yessssssssss. March-Update - Ping GPS
  4. jakobe75

    Ping Global GPS location?

    saw an ad for this today. Ping - The World’s Smallest Global GPS Locator
  5. S

    GPS tracker dangerous interference; caused mini crash

    After I lost my first P4 , and no chance to find it (long story..), I decided to use a gps tracker all the time. I bought a new P4 and attached a TK102 tracker, set it to send sms every 30 seconds. I attached it by adhesive tape to the landing gear. On the first flight (waypoint programmed...
  6. rDp

    Trackimo GPS w/3 King Mounting Bracket

    Is anyone using a Trackimo TRK-100 Universal Personal GPS Tracker with a Three King Genuine DJI Accessory: TK102 GPS Tracker Mounting Bracket on a P4? They are within mm of each other. If so, what is your opinion on the pairing. Trackimo URL...
  7. M

    Drone-Mods Trackers

    So I ordered a renewal with them on 4/10, it is now 4/15. Tracker still doesn't work can't get anyone to reply to any email or any voice mails that I leave. has anyone else run into this from them? Are they still in business? If so Does it take longer than a week for a renewal to go into effect...
  8. L

    P3A compass calibration error

    I had a problem calibrating the compass at the weekend. I'd gone to a spot I'd flown at before but the app displayed a compass error and prompted me to recalibrate. I had umpteen goes at this, moving large distances between each attempt and eventually changed the battery as it had gone down to...
  9. U

    RF-V16 in Canada

    I'm hoping that someone might be able to offer some advice as to how to get this potentially solid tracker up and running. It's been a bit of an uphill battle thus far. I'm looking to get it going in the most cost efficient manner since I won't be using it all the time. I've tried a prepaid...
  10. P

    GPS Tracker & Weight Imbalance

    Hope I am not repeating an old thread/discussion for some of the old pro's here but I am pretty sure that a few rookies like myself might be having this question... I bought a TK102 GPS tracker and a 3D printed mount for it on ebay from an Israel seller. After a few weeks thinking if I should...