RF-V16 in Canada

Sep 4, 2015
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Hamilton, Ontario
I'm hoping that someone might be able to offer some advice as to how to get this potentially solid tracker up and running. It's been a bit of an uphill battle thus far.
I'm looking to get it going in the most cost efficient manner since I won't be using it all the time. I've tried a prepaid tablet plan (with phone number) from Virgin Mobile with no luck. I've currently got a pre-paid (pay per use) SIM from Bell Mobility in there with talk and text (call display and gprs enabled) and the option to add data if i need to turn it on for more accurate locating.. but it just won't connect. I can't call it or text it. Just getting the slow flashes indicating that it's searching for network.
I can however get it to work when I put my SIM from my regular cell phone (iPhone 5 on Rogers) into the device. I can call it and send text commands and it replies as it should.
I've spoken with tech support from Bell and Virgin and neither could offer any help as they say they're not familiar with the device.

So my question is: is there anyone in Canada using an RF-V16? Which service provider? What type of plan?

I got this specific unit with the purpose of not having to spend a ton month to month. This current Bell plan would be great (if it would just connect!) - $100 worth of prepaid service for a year. But it's no good if the thing won't connect.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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