gps signal

  1. I

    GPS signal losing

    Hello everyone! I'm flying with my Phantom 4 advanced and enjoy it very much. However last couple flights were not successful and I almost lost/crashed my drone. Because of GPS signal that was losing after around 15 seconds of flight, the the Phantom 4 was switched into ATTI mode and no...
  2. K

    phantom 4+ weak gps signal

    Just received the unit back from DJI. Now every time I fly it says "weak GPS signal" Tried in the city and out in the country . Out in the country it showed 16 satellites - in the city 11. All updates have been performed. Firmware is up to date. Calibration completed. Any help?
  3. B

    P2V+ GPS Module Tests

    I did have a crash into a tree branch. My own dumb fault. I should have stopped forward motion and climbed, but didn't respond fast enough. I have replaced the upper and lower body shells. All circuit boards were closely examined for any cracks whatsoever using a high magnification LED lamp...
  4. M

    Persistent "Warning: The mobile device's GPS signal is weak and its location cannot be acquired"

    Every time I tap to change RC home position I get "Warning: The mobile device's GPS signal is weak and its location cannot be acquired" This is not always true as I can see on the map the new home point location. So it is confusing to know when it is true or not. Apart of that I had an...
  5. Sam_M19

    GoPro and DJI Phantom 1.1.1

    Hello, I am fairly new to world of Quadcopters . I have flown RC Airplanes and Driven RC Cars for several years. I love these Quadcopter's. I recently acquired a DJI Phantom 1.1.1 Quadcopter. I have flown it several times and now I'm looking to put my GoPro Hero 4 Silver on the Phantom. My...
  6. D

    Gps signal lost at height!

    Hi, I was flying somewhere which I flied more than 10 times. At the ground satellite count 19-20. After take of dropped 15. Dropped 4-5 at 150mt height and 550mt distance, Pulled back to home point and found 16-17 satellite again at same height, Flight exactly opposite way to check but...