1. L

    Crash every flight with gimbal

    So I sorted out the rest of the problems with the Phantom 2. Flew it for a while. Charged all the batteries again to a full good charge. Connected the H3-3D with gopro and went to do a test flight. The initial crash occurred with the camera set-up on the P2. It flipped over from about 20 feet...
  2. L

    Phantom 2 and GoPro Hero 4 Black - Will updates cause any issues?

    I have not updated either my P2 or Hero4 since word went around in 2014 that updating can cause issues. Since I am not tech savvy, I have left well enough alone. Now that I am about to take my remote pilot's commercial license test, I know I am not in compliance with maintenance checks...
  3. U

    Tough Time for GoPro...

    Nice Read... The Sky Is Falling For GoPro
  4. M


    Not sure if anyone can help here but here it goes...I launch high altitude balloons with a gopro on it with a data logger. I'm trying to use Dashware to overlay my data but my data logger only records every 6 seconds. When I sync the video & data, the data is obviously 6 seconds faster than my...
  5. SoCalDude

    GoPro revives the Karma drone

    Karma, the recalled GoPro drone that got pulled in October when it started falling from skies, is back in the skies. (read more...)
  6. M

    Adding FPV to a P2

    I've flown a P2 for a couple of years now and have never added FPV. Just never felt the need for it. But I would like it. I'm kind of confused by all what I see online of what gear specifically I need. I contacted a local RC Store near where I lived and asked about pricing for them to just do it...
  7. B

    First film, from Norway:)

    Hey, feedback is appriciated for my fiorst film! Filmed with a P2 and a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition
  8. tml4191

    CES 2017: Did GoPro Just Confirm Plans for a "Karma 2?"

    Interview Included: The Karma Returns & Interview Regarding the GoPro "Karma 2"? - WeTalkUAV
  9. Alex Assenmacher

    4K Venice Italy Trip with osmo mobile and drone

    Had a lot of fun in Italy, hope you enjoy watching :)
  10. Alex Assenmacher

    Valencia, osmo mobile + p3p + gopro 4K

    My latest video shot in Valencia, mixing again footage of my p3p, osmo mobile, and gopro :) hope you like it :)
  11. S

    FPV Issue - Black Pearl Monitor

    Hey everyone, I just finished following this tutorial: FPV With The DJI Phantom 2 – Everything You Need To Know and everything worked great right up until I turned on the Black Pearl monitor and, well, this happened: It is on channel 6, the rest of the channels don't show anything, if I...
  12. We Talk UAV

    Karma Failure-End of an Era or the Slow Ongoing Suicide of a Camera Giant.

    Pretty bold move of Go Pro to put out the Karma. At times, it felt like a hail mary, the final hurrah of a camera giant that at one time created a niche for itself by incorporating extreme sports and action shots. There were many attempts to put a Go Pro camera onto a UAV. In fact, DJI had a set...
  13. SoCalDude

    GoPro is Recalling its Karma Drone

    GoPro is recalling its Karma drone ...
  14. gringorio

    What’s wrong with GoPro?

    Interesting info on GoPro's profitability: GoPro Reported a 20% Loss in Q3 - Karma is the Last Hope - WeTalkUAV The few comments are interesting as well.
  15. J

    Great GOPRO adaptor for OSMO

    I found a couple of options for attaching OSMO to GOPRO mounts so I thought I would share. The JOBY action kit is by far the best option. I made a quick video for anyone interested. (Only my second vid, still improving)
  16. Alex Assenmacher

    Canary Islands with drone + gopro

    The same way I did my other Mallorca video, I've taken the gopro footage and mixed it with the p3pro footage. Hope you like it :) Thanks!
  17. nsheridan19

    Hexagon cable wakeboard park with p3a and gopro

    Was talking with the owner and he was cool with me bringing my drone out. Enjoy !
  18. ksavoie

    Phantom 3 & GoPro Alligator Hunting Video.

    Louisiana issues alligator tags based on the type of marsh and the amount of marsh land owned (approx 150 acres per tag). This conservative method has thrived in Louisiana and has been adopted by other states. If done right, Alligators are a renewable resource that is respected and keeps...
  19. J

    Phantom 3 Standard DIY Tablet Mount GoPro Mod

    This is a simple mod i made for my iPad Mini. I didn't have the right size bolt so i just used what i had and used a lot hot hot glue to anchor it even more. I might modify it later if it becomes loose, but for the moment it is not an issue.
  20. J

    Phantom 3 Standard Phone Mount GoPro Mod

    I have made a modification with a GoPro mount and a 3d Printed iPhone 6 case to fit the mount. Simple, sturdy and quick release. Screenshot 2016-08-28 22.42.15 by Jake85 posted Sep 16, 2016 at 11:14 AMIMG_3178 by Jake85 posted Sep 16, 2016 at 11:14 AMIMG_3181 by Jake85 posted Sep 16, 2016 at...