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  1. VegasFlyer

    My most daring mission!

    This is my P3P video taken of the Calico Basin, Gateway Canyon Trail just west of Las Vegas located near the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. As of yet, it has no sound and no titles. I wanted to get the video posted first. It was shot and uploaded in 4K. This is by far my most...
  2. N

    Virtual Litchi Mission

    Hi Phantom Pilots, There is a growing thread on the MavicPilots forum entitled "Virtual Litchi Mission" which you may be interested in. "Virtual Litchi Mission" or VLM is a (free!) PC utility which reads a csv file exported from Litchi and converts it to a "Virtual Mission" which you can then...
  3. RodPad

    Litchi Mission convert to google earth.

    I hate to make a new thread! I haven't found another option yet. I build my mission with the hub, then check for obvious mistakes with in google earth. This is the tool I was using from this thread. Litchi CSV to KML tool Anybody got an alternative program / option? Rod
  4. P

    Flight Log Converter - Analyze your flights in Google Earth

    Hi pilots, I'm excited to announce another online "DJI GO"-flightlog service I created in my spare time. With this tool, you are able to convert your flights into a kmz-file and open them in "Google Earth". Inside of "Google Earth" you will see all interesting data of your flight. You can start...
  5. Member

    Litchi CSV to KML tool

    Google Earth is a quick and efficient tool to boostrap Litchi waypoint missions. Just draw different paths with an altitude relative to the ground, save to a .KML file, import to Litchi and you're done! At least apart from the cinematic stuff like POIs, curves, heading, camera... But often you...
  6. A

    Good apps to scout locations

    I find myself always hunting for good scenic spots and also suitable take off/land point near them. Do people have recommendations for apps or techniques they use to scout locations?
  7. C

    Plan your shoot for the best lighting using Google Earth

    Here is a nice way to plan your shoots for the best sunlight using Google Earth. I use it all the time and it saves a lot of guess work when planning your trips. Drone Pro Tips – Drone Pro List
  8. T

    How to view Google Earth files on DJI Go App?

    I noticed on the corner of the DJI Go App there a small screen that uses google earth that shows the location of you and the drone. Does anyone know if it is possible for a way to view my own Google earth files (.KMZ or KML) to be viewed in this window? Or if their is another app or tool that...