gimbal damage

  1. J

    P3 Standard gimbal issue after crash (video of problem)

    I crashed my Phantom 3 Standard last week. One wing snapped, but the case was mostly OK. Not so much for the gimbal. Video of gimbal issue: Whenever I turn on the unit, the gimbal sits slightly off centre and seems to be overloading. Diagnostics in the app are telling me everything's fine. I...
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  3. B

    after dunking, P4 gimbal initialisation goes crazy

    I managed to land in the only bit of water for miles around. Totally submerged for about a minute. After a day of TLC all seems good except that upon switching on, the gimbal goes crazy. The camera is recording OK during this phase and the motors all fire up. It maybe I need to wait longer for...
  4. C

    Gimbal acts weird on start up

    I just replaced the flat cable for my P3S after a minor crash. Additionally, one of the gimbal motors separated, but it seems to go right back together without a problem. DJI Go just says there's a gimbal problem and I have to contact DJI. Here's a video and a picture to help show what I'm...
  5. pete76uk

    Gimbal wobble after crash

    Hi everyone I'm really hoping someone can help me I had a low altitude crash from about 10ft and now there is a noticeable wobble on video. If you turn volume loud you can hear the vibration and see it on the top plate (one with the light on) It also does it with no props on...
  6. Y

    Professional Need help troubleshooting my gimbal on a Phantom 3 Professional

    A couple of weeks ago I crashed my drone into some branches in a tree and it fell down about 3 meters but got slowed downed by some branches. The fall was not hard at all but bent one of the arms on my gimbal. The arm is now replaced by me yesterday but the gimbal is still not working. When I...
  7. AntonioDavideMarcello

    Professional Phantom 3 Professional gimbal doesn't work

    I've made a re-shelling of my Phantom 3 Professional and all has gone well (starts and flyes very well) except for the gimbal. The camera 4k transmittes images but doesn't move. I've changed the camera, the flat cable (with another one bought on Ebay inside a broken camera) and only the motor of...
  8. Bob Mador

    I crashed my P2 today

    I was flying my P2 back to my villa while walking behind it, decided I would try to fly it between two bushes and over the gate. "Try" was the key word. I hit one of the branches causing the P2 to flip upside-down. That made the drone fly into the ground. But... that wasn't the end of it. Once...