1. P

    Need spare part. Can't find front leg landing gear

    Aaron from QLD Australia. New to this forum and day 2 on owning a Mavic Pro. Tried sports and a lot of fun buy clipped a tree and damaged the following. Looking at the front of the mavic (camera) I have bent/damaged the right aluminum leg/landing gear. (It is held in with 3 small hex screws) I...
  2. R

    Landing Gear. Needed or over rated?

    I came across this you tube video for P3 landing gear. You tube link. Has one used this or something similar? I don't have much P3 flight time so I'm not certain if a landing gear is really needed. Thanks.
  3. L

    Removing Phantom 4 Landing Gear Removal

    Hello! I am currently wondering if it is possible to remove the antenna/compass from inside the landing gear and mount it to new landking skids that i have 3d printed that will attach directly to the body. As you know, the antenna and compass are nestled right inside the upper part of the...

    Hello! Intro to SCOTTeVEST clothing for drone pilots

    Calling all drone pilots, fpv racers and all-around gear heads! I work for a company called SCOTTeVEST and chatted with the wonderful mods here to get Approved Vendor status and post a intro here. Quick background on what we do: we make clothing for men and women with tons of hidden pockets...
  5. Not A Speck Of Cereal

    Advice for screw-post adhesive?

    Hey all, My new gimbal / camera replacement package is coming today, so I've been working on the removing the old parts this morning. The gimbal removal was simple, especially with this helpful video (though I had to break one of the plastic gimbal clips). While waiting, I'm looking at the...
  6. K

    Why I Got a DJI Phantom 3 Standard + Details On Extra Accessories.

    I picked up a DJI standard end of November. I recently got back into photography and video and added the DJI to get Aerial visuals. I'm focusing on Travel Photography and Video. I added the P3S to balance out my body of work by adding a different visual perspective. My first travel photo...
  7. V

    Phantom 3 + Samsung Gear VR

    Just Bought a Samsung Gear VR for the S6 Edge. Is there any way to FPV with the P3 using the Gear VR? Is there a DJI Pilot app on the Oculus store? If not, Is DJI working on this? Phantom 3 and Gear VR by Voodoo8648 posted Oct 18, 2015 at 12:15 PM