1. T

    My 4k Footage looks blurry to me does anyone else agree?

    So this was filmed on my P4P in 4k, cant remember the fps but its high. Edited on iMovie. Exported as 4K, on pro res, and the footage was taken straight from the SD. just looks a little blurry to me and I dont get why, other footage ive seen from other p4ps looks crisper any ideas why? sample here
  2. I

    Making money from drone footage - clipmining

    Don't know if already a word. But a good way to make some earnings from your existing footage is to clip-mine it then upload to a stock site. Using Story/videoblocks at the moment, anyone using any-other sites?
  3. J

    This will change the way you color your drone footage

    In-depth tutorial of the new color wheels feature in Final Cut Pro 10.4!
  4. C

    Seeking Drone Niagra Falls footage - cinematic style

    hello Everyone, I’m seeking a Niagra Falls footage. If anyone lives in the area, I would love to connect, share my idea and purchase the footage. Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from you. Captain2929
  5. tml4191

    Does anyone have any (360) drone footage of the recent Solar Eclipse?

    Did anyone get a chance to film the recent solar eclipse with their drone? Now that 360 cameras can be used on quadcopters, does anyone have any drone footage of the event in 360?
  6. tml4191

    How many of you sell your travel footage?

    If so, which website offers the best price for your tropical video footage? I've seen a couple of sites that'll sell tropical footage, but how legit are they? Does anyone have any personal experience with uploading and selling their 4K content?
  7. Photocopter

    Phantom 4 Pro - Santorini Island

    Hi Guys! This is my very first video (generally I use drone for photography). Shot with P4 Pro, post processed with Final Cut Pro X. Due to a very windy weather, a lot of footage was unusable - on the other hand that taught me a lot too. All the comments, tips and critique very welcome! PS...
  8. MrJonesDroneFootagez

    Phantom 4 Lake Footage 4K (MrJonesDroneFootage)

  9. Mindflights

    H.265 with D-Log results in serious banding, watch the video.

    Comparison footage of DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO's camera using codecs H.265 and H.264 in D-Log. DO NOT USE H.265 with D-Log because serious banding occurs in large areas with the same color like blue skies, etc. ALWAYS USE H.264 for D-Log. Tested with the latest firmware update - April 2017. ISO...
  10. See Norway

    SeeNorway - Gjersjøen - 4k cold ice lake

    Hi peepz :) Just finished editing a short video of a small lake covered by ice. SeeNorway on youtube
  11. MrJonesDroneFootagez

    Giant Green Dragon Statue from 1980s show with Phantom 4 Drone

    I know the video prob isn't the best but enjoy what I have. Thanks! Exit 134 Tennessee. Giant Dragon.
  12. I

    Legally selling your footage in the US

    Hello, I've had thoughts of getting my Drone Pilots license, but for now I've just been flying for fun with my DJI inspire 1 and getting footage for my own benefit. This last weekend, I got some amazing footage of my city's local river near flood stage and I did some editing and posted it on...
  13. N

    Phantom-Saving Tips and Lessons Learned

    The video below was shot on a Phantom 4 Pro and although it is an excellent demo for what this aircraft/software/camera can do, it is more about a few valuable lessons I learned - I previously had a Phantom 4 Pro+ but returned it due to a number of bugs, and although the setup was quick and...
  14. DirkDS

    Phantom 4 suddenly detected as a Phantom 3 Pro by remote / DJI Go?

    Hi, I'm a bit in trouble with my P4's camera live feed... I 've also posted this message on the official DJI forum and created a ticket on DJI's support; but untill today I couldn't find any working solution. I hope someone on this forum recognises the described problem or has a good idea I can...
  15. Mindflights


    hello folks that's my new short about the heavy winter here in my home town, Didymoteicho, Greece "NorthStar" Enjoy!
  16. J

    Feedback on first video :)

    Hi, I've just got the P3A and recently made this video. I would love to hear some feedback. Feel free to suggest any improvements. Regards, Jens PT
  17. J

    Pretty Cool Video

    Pretty Cool Phantom Video!
  18. J

    Awesome P4 Video!

    This is some cool footage taken by a phantom 4!
  19. Alex Assenmacher

    4k footage at sunset in Germany

    My latest video testing the DJI Phantom 4 Pro on a night/sunset location. Hope you like it!
  20. Warren1971

    Gorgeous Phantom 4 Pro Footage

    Hi Gang I have uploaded some really nice Drone footage of the Australian Bush, taken with the Phantom 4 Pro let me know what you think. The video was edited in Final Cut Pro X and i used Color Finale Pro to grade the footage Cheers Warren