follow me mode

  1. K

    Follow Me Mode - will it follow us?

    1st time test the follow me mode and failed (Mobile Device GPS weak ) 2nd time test the follow me mode is success.. Conclusion it only works with mobile device with strong GPS signal, so it may not work all the time while out flying.
  2. M

    Follow RC?

    P3P Follow Me is actually Follow RC. No more this feature in P4P? Only Active Track mode?
  3. P

    Follow-me Mode Signal

    Relatively new P3 Pro 4K. Everything seems to function just fine, with one exception. I have an iPad, an iPad Mini and an Android phone. All three have DJI GO app. I can get the P3 Pro to Follow-me on the Android, but on both the iPad devices when I apply, a notice on the upper left of the...
  4. Drestin Black

    P4 Go App Follow Me Mode

    I click Follow me, set height about, what, 30 feet and click Apply. And from that point, my P4 will follow the controller and maintain altitude and distance and angle to me. BUT it won't go faster than 13.5 mph. Is this your experience? A max speed of 13.5 in Follow me makes this useless for me...
  5. G

    P3S follow me doesn't follow

    Hi I just got my new Phantom 3 Standard, and love it! Ive been learning everything there is to learn, but I can't figure out why my P3S doesn't follow in follow me mode. Everything else works perfectly, and with that in consideration, I feel it may be user error. What's happening is I send it to...
  6. T

    What firmware update is best? And problems with using follow me mode??

    Hi guys, Im pretty new to this site as well as the P34K. I got my drone a few weeks ago. Since then I've be trying to familarise myself with the intelligent modes. Most of them work but when I try use follow me, I get an alert saying I need to update the firmware of my aircraft. From the app...
  7. NotARubicon

    What external GPS are you using with your iPad?

    I have a wireless-only iPad and I'm getting tired of using my iPhone for "Follow Me" so I'm looking at getting an external GPS for the iPad that will work with Follow Me mode. My only requirements are that it's small, and preferably wireless. What external GPS are you using or do you...
  8. M

    Follow Me not following at all!

    Hi everyone, hoping someone can clear this up for me please. Some info: Fully updated P3P, batteries updated and charged, remote up to date also. Nexus 7 2013 (II) Marshmallow 6.0.1 DJI GO app V2.6.1 (202) 12+ satellites found. I've been sending the Phantom up over 10 metres, switching to F...
  9. O

    Follow Me App doesn't work with iPhone 5s

    When I go into Follow Me mode with my iPhone 5s the P3P continues to hover and slowly increase altitude instead of follow me. Any suggestions?
  10. S

    No follow me mode

    HI I got a Ph3 Avd. I have it for a few month now and it goes well. I can't seem to activate follow me or waypoint modes. When i move the mode switch to F from P all i get is the smart IOC course lock mode. I had a look on you-tube. Everyone else's brings up a 'select your mode option'. when i...