1. jimlips

    How to focus Mavic lens using Litchi?

    The DJI Go 4 software lets you focus a Mavic Pro by touching the screen. But this does not work in Litchi. How can I force a "focus now" command to my Mavic Pro from Litchi? Normally, it focuses by itself, but I was flying when the sun was going down, and was trying to get the Mavic to focus...
  2. J

    Solved! P4P Focus not responding to manual focus control.

    A sad chain of events... Crashed, repaired, working at 90%.... The Focus is not changing regardless of wether I use the manual settings or the auto settings. I turned on focus peaking so I could see the focus change, but no luck. I have refreshed the firmware, deleted and reinstalled the Go...
  3. nejimmy

    P3 Focus Issue w different board it seems

    So I have inherited a P3S and here is a still and video from the device which are unusable in my view Still P3S-Still.png Video P3S-Video.mp4 Soooo watched some YouTube and opened back of camera and this is the board which looks a lot different from the videos I have watched and seems like a...
  4. chatikib

    Poi setting in Litchi

    Can anyone explain to me what the poi settings mean in Litchi. In my example (see print) is my first waypoint (start of the mission) on a altitude of 18 m. Or do they mean the first waypoint who is focussed to this waypoint (that is 30 m.). And what does this men: "Ground Elevation: -3m (0m...
  5. P

    P3A blurry / our of focus center image

    Hi Guys, I'm Peter from Macedonia, a recent P3A owner that bought the drone from Germany. I'm a professional studio / outdoors photographer for over 15 years, so I've done a lot of pixel peeping throughout the years and I know when something is not right. I've read a couple of threads about...
  6. Z

    P4P Camera calibration not working

    Hi guys, since the first flight i´m getting the notification that i should calibrate the camera to get accurate focus. I have tried multiple times, both on the ground and in air to follow the instructions to focus on a high contrast object farther than 50m away. But whatever i try to focus on...
  7. dave kotinsky

    Phantom 4 focus issues?

    Does anyone's video sometimes not see that sharp? Most of time its razor sharp but sometimes seems soft. I have 2 phantom 4's and each one does it. Not sure what it is caused from. Maybe slow shutter speeds. Is there anyway to check exposure setting of the footage also ( iso, shutter)? ?
  8. Maciacho

    Camera focus problem :(

    Hello everyone my name is Wojtek and i'm from Poland', my Phantom have not good image quality (i think) is the focus problem on the left side screen the wideo is much blurred on the left, but on the right side is sharp. Check out this video do you see that?
  9. T

    Photo focus

    I tried to take a few pictures inside, distance to the subject between 2-4m I noticed that sometimes some photo are not in focus (more frequently at the sides) I tried both, manual and automatic settings I'll have to take pictures inside a church (frescoes) I wanted to know if anyone knows...
  10. h8tow8

    P4 Camera Out-of-Focus Issue

    Hi everyone, I updated my P4 firmware yesterday (v1.1.410) and noticed what appears to be out of focus situation with my camera, Almost like sharpness settings bounces around automatically in single take. Here are some examples from same recording. (see attached) Is anyone else experiencing...
  11. S

    Focus test

    I'm not happy with the 'sharpness' of my lens/camera, tested with sharpness settings from -3 till +3, no motors running... also took +/- the same shot with a iPhone 6S plus to compare. I'm new to the Phantom / Dji products and expected a beter image quality. What do you think?
  12. Malakai

    Blur/Focus problem in images? How to easily fix it on the P3 Advanced

    Hey all, I had a friend ask if I could take a look at his phantom 3 advanced focus issues and it appears the left side of the images look soft, more so at the bottom left. Sure, after a bit of post processing I could reduce the issue, especially after taking the images in raw but for me this...
  13. Eagle Eye Drone Svc

    Is there a way to access camera view (to focus lens) connected to a computer through USB cord?

    Is there a way to access camera view (to focus lens) connected to a computer through USB cord? Problem: Replaced lens only and it's hard to focus camera exactly from the App. Was hoping to find a way to connect directly to the computer from camera to make fine-tuning adjustments. If there's...
  14. S

    P34K Cam Out of Focus

    Hi, My Phantom 3 4K new release model. Have focus isseu when im filming yesterday the footage rec. 4K 25fps In the center of the image is not sharp "Blur" But at the edge is slight sharp. I have try with ND Filter and without but so far not much luck. My Camera setting. sharpness -2 Contrast -3...
  15. J

    Focus software

    Hi all Is there any software on the market that does what the Vertical software does ? I would love to use the Vertcal software, but as i am an IOS user i will have to wait for it... but i need some software of that kind. I am filming wild horses that tends to change direction without telling...
  16. T

    P3P photos blur in the middle – a bug or a feature?

    I just bought my first UAV and started from P3P. Unfortunately it seems that the camera onboard takes photos that are blurry (out of focus) in the middle and sharp on the edges. Here are a couple of samples. Is this something that can be repaired or is it just a feature of P3P? I always shoot...
  17. egoldy

    Autoflight Logic: Detailed Overview Demos & How Tos.

    For those that are looking for walk through videos and demos of how to use the Autoflight Logic Autopilot software, please check out this playlist: Autopilot Tutorials - YouTube In addition to an overview video, there are walk through videos of the UI, how to use Focus and most recently the...