1. D

    Cool Aliasing Effect on Stadium Video..But how do I avoid it?

    Although I think the effect is cool, there are many times, particularly on real estate shoots that the roofs give this effect and I don't want it. Tips on how to avoid it? Watch the video and let me know please. Thanks!
  2. P-2

    Wanted a night shot, sooooo

    Still all on Auto. Amazing on Auto....... yep, me and my better half on the steps. And Yes....... we do live in the boonies
  3. P-2

    Pensacola Beach afternoon

  4. A


  5. A


  6. T

    RC Connection Help

    So I have been having this issue from day one of flying my first drone: the P3A. I thought it was just normal but now I see people doing what I can't. When I fly near my house, (I live in a neighborhood with rows of houses) I can fly my P3A around 1,000 ft away from the controller. Then about...
  7. Suncoast Aerials

    Sandbar Party - Sarasota, FL - Boats, Dolphins & More [4K]

    Like our facebook page for more videos: www.facebook.com/SuncoastAerials Thanks!
  8. T

    JACKSONVILLE, FL Best Flying Areas And Photographic Skills

    Hello! I have a P3A and was wondering if anyone lived I Jacksonville, FL? I am looking for some awesome places to fly and other places that I can get nice images or videos? Thanks, Tyler! *Posted before with little response*
  9. UAVScanEagle

    Scenic Florida - Phantom 4 Pro + first video

  10. R

    South-Central FL roam-around -- caveats?

    P4P+ newbie, strictly BeginnerMode, strictly still shots; First time on road with P4P+, have B4Ufly app; have license; know about state parks, nat. parks, privacy laws; want to shoot natural scenery & from town & city parks; a. Can I legally fly from public road shoulder next to state & nat...
  11. J

    Lost P3P - Naples, FL

    I have had my drone for only a few weeks, as it was a Christmas present. I am down in Naples, FL at my place in a residential tower near the beach. The tower has a slight U-shape to it, and I found that I couldn't get a proper compass readout when I tried taking off from there. I went around...
  12. J

    This is becoming addicting...

    I've owned my P4 for around 6 months now and I'm loving what all this bird can accomplish and can't the PhantomPilots community enough for their guidance and support with any and all questions that I've had. Truly y'all are awesome. So I figured I'd try and show with the community what I've been...
  13. T

    P3A Places to Fly in Jacksonville, FL

    Hello, I have had my P3A for about a year now and love all that it offers. I was wondering if anybody knew of some really good places to fly the drone in Jacksonville, FL. I have flown at the beach many times and once over the river. Any advice on cool places to fly in JAX? Thanks, Tyler
  14. N

    Excelente (amazing) experience at DroneNerds (Aventura, FL)

    Hi! I am quite new to the drone´s world, and I have to say that...first experience shopping at DroneNerds (Aventura, Florida) was AMAZING. The team over there is, without any doubt, BEST IN CLASS. The people at the service center (Robbie) ...and at the store (Sam) ...they do CARE about the...
  15. D.Bennett

    Experience MIAMI.... *Final Video Edit*

    Showcase of Miami, FL What do yall think? Clips were taken from several different original videos. *Video made for editing practice only* *I do not own the original video footage found in these clips* Music: Johnny Rock - A Great Day
  16. Skyer

    Sawgrass Beach Resort - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Hi everyone! After flying at Ponte Vedra Beach, I also had the opportunity to fly around the hotel in Sawgrass FL, only a couple of weeks after hurricane Matthew... Comments, Likes, and new Subscribers are always appreciated!
  17. Skyer

    Flying at the beach - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Finally got a chance to fly the Phantom next to the sea. This footage is from a recent trip to Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, only a couple of weeks after hurricane Matthew... Comments, Likes, and new Subscribers are always appreciated!
  18. T

    JACKSONVILLE, FL Best Flying Areas

    I live in Jacksonville, FL and I have a P3A! I was wondering what are the BEST flying spots around Jacksonville.? What places to are the coolest to see? I would love to fly in different places! Thanks,
  19. sjp0eqt

    Lake Placid, Florida Caladium Fields

  20. sjp0eqt

    Lake Placid, Florida Caladium Fields

    Lake Placid Florida Caladium Fields