1. J

    Awesome P4 Video!

    This is some cool footage taken by a phantom 4!
  2. thefrisbee995

    Finally Got SOME Usable Footage From The P4P!

    After having the Phantom 4 Pro for almost a month and it raining or being foggy most of the daytime where I haven't busy/ working, I have enough footage to make a video around my surrounding area that looks kind of nice. Check it out: I'm by no means a professional with video, drones or...
  3. C

    CAA Practical Flight Assessment

    I have my CAA Practical Flight Assessment coming up and I don't feel terribly prepared. For the people who've done the test, what did you do for your pre-flight research? What did you bring with you to the exam, and do I take the 50m rule into account when taking off/landing and flying near to...
  4. TonyResta

    Professional Unable To Deploy Indoors - Compass Error

    Hello everyone! I have recently encountered a problem on my last job which has prevented me to fly my Phantom 3 Professional indoors. The error reported on screen was "Compass Error". Obviously this made sense, being inside a warehouse with probably a strong magnetic field interfering. What I...
  5. D

    How to Discharge a P4 Battery to 20-30% for air travel.

    Hi all. I'm going away soon and am really looking to understand the best method (I do not own a discharge hub) to discharge my batteries to a safe percentage for travel. I believe, correct me if I am wrong please, that this is 20 - 30%. Please could you help me with the best way to discharge...
  6. SoCalDude

    HealthyDrones is Broken

    For me, and from the looks of it on the HealthyDrones forum, it seems like a bug in their iOS uploading software is preventing any flights from being sync'ed from the DJI cloud. The error upon attempt to sync your flights is, "Unable to upload to HealthDrones, check Token" HD is working on the...
  7. QuadcopterCrazy

    Flight Stats

    I don't know if any of you use this site but I found it and I wanted to share it with you, You can search the nearest airport to you and look at incoming flights and departures, just an extra step in helping you guys fly safely. http://www.flightstats.com/go/Home/home.do
  8. SoCalDude

    How many consecutive P4 flights?

    Just curious, but with the Phantom 4, if I had--say--five, six, or more batteries, could I fly consecutive flights for each fully-charged battery (stopping only long enough to change the battery), without overheating the motors, etc.? Let's say all the flight are normal P-mode flights, under...
  9. Skyer

    Flight Travel - Real Experiences

    Hi there fellow Phanton pilots! I'm planning on taking my P3A (hard shell backpack) on a domestic flight across the US, and have read through multiple threads containing advice and discussions about what should and should not be done when taking your drone on commercial flights. Understanding...
  10. UnlimiteDrone

    Flying at a Military Tank Base

    Short Video of my droneflight at a shut down Military Base Please tell me what you think about it and thanks for watching
  11. 28wins

    Are you capable of flying in ATTI?

    These drones come with a lot of flight assistance and it's mostly good. It's great because of the confidence it gives the operator. Save for any issues, it's a joy to fly a DJI product or most drones available today.. The problem with GPS and Compass aided software based flight assistance is...
  12. Leça da Palmeira - Portugal

    Leça da Palmeira - Portugal

  13. J

    #DRONEON Channel Trailer

    Cut a quick trailer for my channel together, let me know what think!
  14. S

    Standard Losing Video Feed In Flight

    Hello, I have a phantom 3 standard and i have been having an issue with my video feed while flying. I will get like 300 feet out, 100 feet up and suddenly i get a "NO SIGNAL" in red at the top status bar that is normally green. When this happens, i lose my video feed, and it comes back a few...
  15. Ivar.Myrberg

    My next video is out! From Above - DJI Phantom 4

    So i just posted my new video on youtube! Tell me what you guys think! Thanks
  16. T

    First Flight

    Hi all, Newbie here, just got my hands on the P3A and took my first flight yesterday. Ive been flying quadcopters for approximately 6 months, so pretty new to all this. Photography is my passion and really excited about the new avenues that opens up through the use of the Phantom. Never...
  17. N

    "Sunrise" - A flight near the fort

    This was my 3rd flight with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. Woke up early in the morning to catch the sunrise, continue practicing my flying skills at an empty beach and taking advantage of the light to capture some different views of this location.
  18. H

    Phantom 2 acting like crazy. any advice?

    I went through several phantoms, and now have 3 different drones (including P3Pro), but I still try to use my Phantom 2 with gopro camera. I consider myself rather advanced pilot by now, and I was able to solve several problems with my drones. But now I am puzzled. some 2 weeks ago, in middle...
  19. T

    Has there been any recorded P4 flights lasting 25 minutes, dare I say 28 minutes?

    Not trying to fuel the circle jerk but... Most I've seen so far is 24 minutes with proof. Anyone get above 25 minutes yet on their P4? I've seen a few claims of 27 minutes (including DJI-Ken) but with no proof.
  20. A

    Technical Flight for Video

    Would love to hear about some of the amazing flying that you have pulled off to get the shot. Often you will see the finished product, but not the setup or the skill behind it. I've seen the potential of these quads for boom and slide shots that would normally require lots of gear and setup...