1. W

    My first actual edit!

    So I've uploaded my footage before but never actually edited any of it. Until now! What do you think? Colour graded and other stuff.
  2. rickray

    Is the P3P too fast a bird for good controlled 4k filming?

    Let me preface by saying that few people on this forum ever complain that their quad flies TOO FAST. But I will offer this opinion. I fly primarily to shoot beautiful aerials in 4k. And I find it very very hard to fly slow enough to get truly good aerials. It requires way too much joystick...
  3. AZLI

    Phantom 1 Simple FPV setup

    Hi... manage to create simple FPV setup for my Phantom 1 using cheap equipment i could find... will post the photo soon....
  4. rickray

    Desert Flight - short video

    First time out with the Phantom 3 after a year with the 2 and a GoPro....what a change. Enjoy the flight!
  5. cocoamedia

    First Flight...

    Weather has been rubbish in the UK recently but managed to get my first ever Phantom flight in today with my P3P. Non eventful flight (apart from the fact that my heart was in my mouth all the time), stopped flying at 45% battery just to be safe first time round. Managed an auto take off and...
  6. A

    Interesting info HealthyDrones brought to my attention

    I have only flown in my backyard and within a 300 foot radius (yes, very conservative so far). When I loaded my telemetry into HealthyDrones I found something strange (at least I think so). I uploaded 6 flights and the first and last flights show sensor data all in the red, while the middle 4...
  7. A

    Questions about telemetry, flight logs and HealthyDrones

    I've only flown a dozen times or so, but would like to see all I can see from the data generated. I have been reading bits and pieces about downloading telemetry data and uploading to HealthyDrones. How is that accomplished and what can I expect to see? Any other sites/apps/programs recommended...