fishing drone

  1. G

    Best Drone fishing releases for DJI Phantoms 2018 / 2019

    Fishing with drones have become a big thing world wide. And there is several threads here on the topic. There is many home made options that work OK to attatch and then release your line, many of them ending in disaster as they work only periodicaly and with some luck. As a result of this...
  2. Helihover

    Fishing Report Filmed From P4

    Hello all. Been a while since I’ve posted. I took my P4 out fishing again in some pretty choppy water. On the second flight I had a tilted gimbal, but maybe that was due to a quick take off on a rocking boat. I took off before the sats hooked up. Not sure. Anyway I got some pretty good shots...
  3. P

    Dropping baits from phantom 3

    Hi all iam looking at dropping baits offshore with my phantom 3 professional, anyone on here done so if you could give me any tips or post pics id appreciate it!! Ive seen some vids of people using coathangers bent and a aggressive flight action to flick it off but i was hoping to rig something...
  4. D

    Any drone can launch your fishing line.