1. 3

    P4 Firmware Best firmware version for Phantom 4 Pro

    I have a Phantom 4 Pro that has been in storage for a long while (have been unwell for a long time) & am looking at updating the firmware, pretty sure the drone is running on 01.01.40 still and I have been looking at changing that up to 01.05.600 from what I have been looking through the forums...
  2. jcampen

    Vision Sensor Error after FW Update P4Pv2 / Unable to calibrate

    Vision Sensor Error after FW Update P4Pv2 / Unable to calibrate After the recent firmware update of V01.00.2200 for my P4Pv2, I now get a vision sensor error showing up for all vision sensors. So I have tried to do the vision sensor calibration to try and fix this. However when I get to the...
  3. S

    2 seconds RAW interval P4 Advanced

    does anyone know if 2 seconds interval RAW shooting, is something that will be available in future updates of the Phantom4 advanced?
  4. A

    P3 Firmware Which is the safest firmware version on P3 Prof AC / RC / APP?

    Hi everyone... Please, someone, who has experience in the firmware versions, please help me, and explain me something... I read a lot of things about the firmware... My new P3 Prof will arrive tomorrow. This is my 3rd. The first was the seller's mistake, 2nd was frobably FW error, and this is...
  5. V

    Phantom 4 Advanced - Disconnecting problem

    Hello guys, Just got my Phantom 4 Advanced and it gets disconnected from the remote all the time. Anyone has experienced this with this drone? It's a solution to this problem? I've installed the new firmware before flight. Thanks
  6. A

    help! p3 and dji go app issue

    Hey gang... I got a P3 Standard today and really want to try it out! I downloaded DJI Go for Android (running on LG G4). The drone needs an update, so I launch the Go app. 1st screen "connect to DJI device" (you can scroll til model family and then drop down menu to choose P# Standard)...
  7. Phil Tuggle

    Need Help! - Litchi 3.9.2 on Phantom 3 Advanced w/Older Firmware

    I have a question and a concern regarding the use of the Litchi App. I have never installed Litchi, but look forward to doing so. Basically, I need to know if someone has used a "current" Litchi App in concert with OLDER Phantom firmware. The instructions on the Litchi site indicate I should...
  8. T

    Controller Problems

    My controller won't update to the new firmware via any method (micro sd, usb drive, micro usb to gimble, mobile device.) I've noticed that the controller powers on dirrectly when pressing the button, rather than requiring you to press the button twice. I feel like these two problems may be...
  9. J

    Firmware Version Question - HELP!!!!

    Hey all, Im fairly new to the Phantom 3, but have gotten some great flights in already. When I first received my Phantom I upgraded the firmware and everything worked fine. I'm having some range issues so I went back to check the firmware versions on both the craft and the transmitter. My...
  10. P

    New Firmware 1.2.503 for Phantom 4

    Overview: All-in-One firmware version updated to: v1.2.503 What’s New: Reduced the occurrence of sudden altitude drop and mitigated the drop range during flight. Fixed DNG files displaying issue in HDR mode. Notes: Be sure to power off and on the aircraft after firmware update is completed...
  11. A


    After a firmware update, I cannot get the remote update to take. It downloads but after rebooting it says it needs to update again. Anyone else experience this?
  12. I

    Phantom 3 pro Video problems

    i have an phantom 3 pro and i am having problems with the video recorded on the memory card. the images are freezing like the computer is slow to read, but i work with a macbook pro with a good configuration. Is there any problems with the new firmware update? can it be a internal problem on the...