1. T

    Range Extender - Mavic Air (Urban Setting)

    Hi All, I am looking for a range extender for my Mavic Air that I use in a very urban setting. I was following this thread (LONG, detailed review of extended range options) but I don't know how they feel about non-phantom 4 users posting over there. Anyhow based off that forum I think I have...
  2. New Phantom Owner

    Best Range Extender Antenna Thus Far!

    So the Argtek has served one important function for my Phantom. That is... it has enabled me to install an Alfa APA-M25 5.8ghz 10db flat panel antenna on my remote. The original argtek blue proton range extender kit was plagued by poor quality 5.8ghz antennas. However it is still completley...
  3. A

    P3S Antenna cable broke. Should I go with an ARGtek

    Hello all, So the cable on the antenna where it plugs into the board pulled away from the connector. Tried to solder it back on but I think because of the shielding around the antenna wire I wasn't able to get it soldered properly and so I can only get about 200' away from my controller before...
  4. A

    Time for an upgrade?

    After using the Phantom 3 Standard for around 9 months now, I can safely say that I am very happy with my purchase. This was a big step up from the Parrot that I was flying, you name it this thing does it, great video, awesome stills, and very cool custom flight modes, but after meeting up with...
  5. S

    Phantom 4 range extenders

    I have a huge tree branch in the path of flight so dont make fun of my terrible range. Today the weather was good but i only had 15 satellites and as I was flying with no range extender I kept getting a low signal warning at 3000 feet and with the parabolic range extender i hit 4000 feet. A few...
  6. tater82801

    Phantom 3 range extender

    Just curious about what experience anyone has had with these, good, bad, or indifferent. As cheap as they are, and that what threads I have read nobody says GET THIS!!!, probably useless. But not interested in disassembling remote or high dollar mods. I am flying a Phantom 3 Standard 4k, has...
  7. Not A Speck Of Cereal

    n00b distance questions

    I've searched and found some threads on long distance flying, but it didn't answer all of my basic questions, so let me ask them here: Premises: I'm trying to bring up the confidence to fly as far as possible on one, unmoded battery using these passive range boosters. I'm not trying to beat...
  8. Ramphex

    MaxxUAV "Clean Install" Installation Guide

    Ahoy hoy! This guide is a still picture version of Jake's video guide that he created, for his "clean install" kit, with a MaxxUAV DBS Antenna. There might also be some super extras bonus pictures at the end :p First of, let's start with the video guide: Step 1: Opening the boxes and looking...
  9. dynamic3dSolutions

    ~New DJI Controller Tablet Extension Clips.~

    Phantom 3 / Inspire 1 Tablet Extension Clips. If your like me and use a large tablet when flying you have probably had the same issues as many others when trying to hold it in the stock controller. It either fits just barely and pops out over the littlest bump or if you use a hard case to...
  10. J

    WIFI problems? Connects, then disconnects after about 100 ft

    Relative newbie- have done lots of research though so im decently aware of the terminology. So I bought my drone (Phantom 2 Vision (not the vision PLUS)) used, from craigslist from a very nice old man that bought it and used it very little and very gently. I flew it around, and the farthest ive...
  11. D

    Windsurfer Range Extender - Aluminum

    Windsurfer style antenna booster made of aluminum. Slides over the RC antenna for extra range. Comes with hard shell case. Never used. Note: I never actually used this but always kept it in my DJI hard shell backpack with me. So for those that say the DJI backpack cant hold anything extra...
  12. garrock

    Video: Two-Man Team | Car Driver & Drone Operator

    Thought I'd share this past weekends flight experience. I was operating the drone sitting comfortably inside a moving car and still maintained a strong radio link. *** No more standing outside exposed to the weather *** Two-Man Team: Car Driver Drone Operator PS... Big shout out to DBS. My...
  13. Nstrong48

    P3S Signal Booster Kit Specifally for Phantom 3 Standard

    Just hit Amazon the other day. I am new to this but been reading up on it a bit. Anyone familiar with their products? Anyone tried this one out yet?