dji phantom 3 professional

  1. T

    Selling Phantom 3 Professional bundled with many accessories

    Selling my DJI Phantom 3 Professional bundled with many accessories. Here are the items you see in the photo: 1. Phantom 3 Professional 2. Phantom 3 Remote Control (Return-to-Home button sunk in but fully working) 3. 2 x Intelligent Flight Batteries (+1 Spare - slightly faulty) 4. Phantom 3...
  2. M

    Flying during snowing

    Check guys, also hit like if you like video shoots, this is first time this winter that my city was covered by snow
  3. tml4191

    CUSTOM Blueish P3P + Tablet+ ITELite R/C CNC Knobs+ HDMI+ ND+ CARBON FIBER Props+ Multicharger+ More

    Phantom 3 Professional p3p hydrodipped ITelite + Tablet Loaded carbon Props ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Offer up here so that I can take it down off ebay, or bid away. Also, this p3p's 4k camera has currently been replaced at DJI Carson, CA, so...
  4. DJ Avionyx

    Formation Flying - Two DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopters

    I was in San Diego this past weekend and my buddy who also has a DJI Phantom 3 Professional quadcopter and I went to do some formation flying over a part of the San Diego bay. It was loads of fun! Check out the video!
  5. DJ Avionyx

    Phantom 3 Pro w/ GoPro Secondary Cam

    I don't know if anyone has ever thought or tried this, but I added a curved sticky GoPro mount to the top of my Phantom 3 Pro along with a POV Extender arm and my GoPro Hero 3+ yesterday. Today was my test flying so below are pictures and YouTube video link.
  6. M

    First Time Flyer, great Video, Drone Crash in Power Line...Lesson Learned

    My first video with a drone...great scenes...but chrashes into power lines....happy ending though! Lessons Learned!
  7. K

    Would Like Input , Please

    I'm looking for another Drone, I h a oppertunity to buy a Phantom pro 3, bought in Dec 2015 from Best Buy . The bird has 3 hrs on it, 2 batteries and hard case . I've flown it and really like the features of being able to get a Gps view /route and camera view at one time. I fly a Chroma 4K now...
  8. Alex Assenmacher

    Who knows where this is :D ?

    Hi friends. I'm back in one of the busiest weeks lately. But I always try to take some time for my filming . No more talking, this is just a trailer, who knows where it is ?
  9. B

    My joy sticks don't work?

    Went out to fly my Pro 3 tonight. When I went to start with the joy stick command it didn't work. I started it with the auto start and it worked but my joy sticks won't work so I can't fly it. any suggestions?
  10. Ankur Agarwal

    Paragliding Selfie Video with Ph3

    Hi everyone, Height - about 90-140mtrs Time - around 4-5pm Location - Goa, India Beach Name - Kerry Arambol Flying Experience before - about 150 hrs on Ph3 Link - this was very first attempt, and even I don't know how did I put it off, specially when I was paragliding for very first time...
  11. RicardoUK

    P3P cracks or normal?

    Hi guys! I found today some cracks on my Phantom 3 Pro. To be honest I have never stopped to check that area so I didn´t noticie before, I don´t know if this are normal or it´s basically cracking open. Some people had told me is normal and is where the two halves of the mold meet and some...
  12. Eric1084

    Where should I buy the P3P?

    EDIT: I just bought from Plus, they don't charge any tax, and it comes with 2 days shipping. :) -------------------------------- Hello everyone. Just a few days ago, I saw the Black Friday sale for the Phantom 3. And I am thinking of purchasing it directly from DJI. But after a bit...
  13. stcinm

    Multiple Monitors

    My boss is wanting to be able to watch what is being recorded from his phone while his pilot watches from the phone being used as the controller. Is the possible?
  14. G

    P3 Firmware Issues updating RC using DJI Go v 2.4

    Brand new Phantom 3 Pro out of the box, required firmware update to the copter and remote control. Iphone 6 ios 8.4.1 DJI Go 2.4.0 Unable to update the firmware on the RC (model GL300B). It seems as if this model RC can only be updated via the app and the version 2.4.0 is having issues...
  15. P

    Just posted my follow-me test run

    Just posted my follow-me test run. Wanted to understand the capabilities of the follow-me feature so I can plan accordingly for actual shoots. Any feedback is greatly appreciated
  16. Alex Assenmacher

    Filming a castle (+ crash/help please?)

    Hi guys, finally I can upload my latest video. It's been really crazy lately: while I was filming this video near Mataró (Barcelona), I accidentally crashed my phantom. Well actually it crashed itself. I lost signal for a few seconds (I always get in panic like hell), and when pressing the...