1. stargater07

    2.5km voyage to russian registered cargo ship at night

    First long distance run, made it across the sea out to a cargo ship anchored, sheltering in the bay... Please let me know what you think and if you would like to see more of my vids! Jason
  2. brianld

    DJI website now lists P3A/P3P range as 5km

    Sorry if I missed a similar thread, but noticed today that the official specs page for the P3A/P3P now lists a longer range than the previous 1.2 miles. Max Distance Up to 5 km or 3.1 miles (unobstructed, free of interferences) when it is FCC compliant Up to 3.5 km or 2.1 miles (unobstructed...
  3. Nstrong48

    New Standard 1000M Range(Easily)

    All I see is poor range example so I just thought I would throw mine out there. I got mine about a week ago. I live in a smaller town(right int he middle of it) and from home I get about 300M range before my video feed starts to go out. This morning i took it out to the high school which...
  4. J

    Does video link ever reconnect after loss?

    Hi all, First post so be kind ;) I've had a P3A for a couple weeks now and last weekend I tried a distance flight. I got to 3KM with perfect video and signal still very strong and decided that was enough, so came back. Slight head wind on the return, which I realised there would be before...

    3.3 Miles on Stock Antennas - Watch Out for Wind Speed!

    Yesterday evening was an interesting learning experience for me. I live in a fairly wide-open area - golf course behind my house continuing north to a series of fields (mostly crops), a school, a small neighborhood, and then fields for 10+ miles north. My home is somewhat elevated so good LOS...