1. R

    Dashware .CSV error

    I'm trying to use Dashware. I exported the .CSV file from DJI GO using iTunes and saved the file to my computer, but when I try to add the data file I get an error regardless of what data profile I try (including Flytrex and Vision+). I'm new to Dashware and have searched but cannot locate info...
  2. Member

    Litchi CSV to KML tool

    Google Earth is a quick and efficient tool to boostrap Litchi waypoint missions. Just draw different paths with an altitude relative to the ground, save to a .KML file, import to Litchi and you're done! At least apart from the cinematic stuff like POIs, curves, heading, camera... But often you...
  3. ferraript

    [TOOL][WIN] Offline TXT FlightRecord to CSV Converter

    Hi folks, I'm glad to present you the result of my work. A lot of us have been unhappy, because until now, there was no offline TXT FlightRecord to CSV Converter. And after websites such as HealthyDrones and djilogs.com started to charge for their services, I decided I really need some offline...