1. R

    My P3A has stress cracks,

    and I opened a support ticket. Bought it July of 2016 and have less than 10 flights on it. My question - Am I supposed to send back the bird and controller? Thanks, -Bob
  2. D

    Can anyone help me identify if its a crack or just a scratch?

    Sorry if this a dumb question.. I just got this Phantom 3 Pro 2 days ago at Best Buy and last night i was looking under the motor mounts and I noticed a line coming from the bottom right screw to the light. I am not sure if its one of those stress cracks or just a scratch i somehow accidentally...
  3. Johnny kercheval

    Stress cracks on shell below motors

    I was flying today and looked at the motors and noticed a bunch of cracks right below one of the motors on my p3 pro. All of the other motors are fine. Should i send it back to dji for a 8 week wait time or should i do a custom repair job with glue, then order reinforcement plates from amazon...
  4. Patrick

    P4 Shell Cracks?

    Has anyone else found cracks in their P4 shell? Yikes, never crashed , in fact i've never actually landed this phantom , hand catch every time since where i fly is pretty dusty :(
  5. D

    I have very unstable PH3A and finally found out why

    I thought it was an issue with the latest firmware. I tried everything and I mean everything to get it stable. Then on the last test flight it revealed itself. Finding no issues with settings that helped I looked for stress cracks and found none until now. Looking for answers on stability many...
  6. XJoeyX

    Cracks on top of batteries

    Greetings All, I went out flying last weekend, and noticed that all three of my P4 batteries have small cracks just above the 4th LED, next to the power button. This is the first time I've noticed them, and all three batteries are less than one year old. I've only got roughly 15 hours on each...
  7. G

    Crack in P3P Underside

    Hi All, I bought a "Used" P3P from Maplins, UK about a month ago. I checked it over very carefully before buying and it, and it looked as new. About 10 flights later I found this excellent Forum and all the posts about cracks, so out came the magnifying glass! Sure enough, I found a really thin...
  8. Sim597

    USED Flashlight, found hairline cracks

    well, will 3 million feet on "Cloud" I been doing extensive maintenance and started using a high end LED torch to look at/through the legs, last week found some hairline fractures but they were smooth on the surface, but since discovering them ive been watching more closley and sure enough, its...
  9. MattyDread

    Remote Control 1 antenna broke & shell cracks

    One of the antennas has been loose for a few months & has now finally come away from the remote housing - a small piece of plastic rattles around in the remote. Also I've had 2 small cracks in the rear arms (for also a few months) so I'm biting the bullet & sending them both off to DJI for...
  10. doomclam

    SUBFRAME: pros and cons?

    Very interested in avoiding stress cracks. I've gotten the strong arms from this same company, but is that a permanent or temporary fix? Is a subframe worth getting? Does it affect the P3's performance at all? I've seen it mentioned in other threads.
  11. M

    Can I replace a shell myself without voiding warranty?

    Im sorry if this has been asked and answered before but my Phantom 3P was plagued by the stress cracks around the motor mounts on one arm of the shell and I was wondering if I were to purchase and replace the shell myself would that void my warranty? Thanks for the help.
  12. M

    I finally got the dreaded stress cracks.

    I bought my Phantom 3 Professional the week that it came out back in the beginning of the year. When I heard about the stress crack thing I made it a habit of checking my phantom before and after each flight. The weird thing is they weren't there after my last flight and I went to check before I...
  13. RicardoUK

    P3P cracks or normal?

    Hi guys! I found today some cracks on my Phantom 3 Pro. To be honest I have never stopped to check that area so I didn´t noticie before, I don´t know if this are normal or it´s basically cracking open. Some people had told me is normal and is where the two halves of the mold meet and some...
  14. T

    Hate to add another crack thread

    But these look different than what others are reporting. They don't look fatal, but... This is a 2 week old unit with 1.5 hours of flight time, no crashes, not even a hard landing. It is a new unit with the new shell and new motors.
  15. mikeCtv

    The cracks keep coming!

    After 7 flights I have cracks under 3 of my motor mounts. P3P is just 2 weeks old. Is this just the way it is going to be? Get cracks send it back and wait? Any good thoughts on self repairs or don't buy another one? DJI if you're reading, pick a finger, I did not spend my hard earned cash to...
  16. Tashier

    DJI Warranty repair of Shell cracks - My experience

    FYI, I owned my P3P for 1.5 months before I noticed very slight shell cracks in the typical screw holes. I contacted DJI by phone and created a ticket. Yes I was on hold for quite a while to get through. DJI sent me a shipping label for free and I shipped it. Received 2-3 days later and I...
  17. fastsmiles

    FAQ Strong Arm Reinforcement Plates

    How do the Reinforcement Plates Work? Our UAV Bits Strong Arm Reinforcement Plates for the Phantom 3 and Phantom 2 work by distributing the forces generated by the Phantom’s motors over a larger area and through a stronger material. After installing the plates, the motors are essentially...
  18. A

    Professional Compass error and beeping sound

    Hello Guys, I replaced my Phantom 3 Professional body shell due to cracks with a new one. Used Bondic (great product) to reinforce the shell and put it together again. It took a few hours but it went fine. Only after starting up the Phantom I get the well-known compass error message “Compass...
  19. Klipkop

    Cracking the P3 crack

    I was thinking (being in manufacturing myself) there could be a few reasons for the cracking problem on the P3. - Flight fatigue and stress over time - Off Balance motor due to rotor damage But look at this, a FLIR image of a P3 after about 1 minute of hovering Heat buildup from the motor...