1. J

    4k video and converting

    Basic questions probably, but I've done a lot of photography with the drone and not a lot of video so not quite sure best way to shoot 4k. I see my video settings on the tablet in DJI GO 4 say im in 4k but I just have a few questions. 1) I have recorded some video my video in 4k (well the app...
  2. tml4191

    Turn Your P3a/p3p/p3s into a MAVIC Mod

    New DJI Phantom / Mavic Hybrid Drone? - WeTalkUAV
  3. P

    Flight Log Converter - Analyze your flights in Google Earth

    Hi pilots, I'm excited to announce another online "DJI GO"-flightlog service I created in my spare time. With this tool, you are able to convert your flights into a kmz-file and open them in "Google Earth". Inside of "Google Earth" you will see all interesting data of your flight. You can start...
  4. SoCalDude

    Convert my Aircraft's Registration to Commercial

    When I first registered my aircraft, I registered it as a hobbyist. Now that I am Part 107 certified, I would like to change that registration to commercial. How does one go about doing that?
  5. Member

    Litchi CSV to KML tool

    Google Earth is a quick and efficient tool to boostrap Litchi waypoint missions. Just draw different paths with an altitude relative to the ground, save to a .KML file, import to Litchi and you're done! At least apart from the cinematic stuff like POIs, curves, heading, camera... But often you...
  6. ferraript

    [TOOL][WIN] Offline TXT FlightRecord to CSV Converter

    Hi folks, I'm glad to present you the result of my work. A lot of us have been unhappy, because until now, there was no offline TXT FlightRecord to CSV Converter. And after websites such as HealthyDrones and started to charge for their services, I decided I really need some offline...
  7. Tashier

    DJI Go app errors when converting to HD or pulling video from Camera

    First post. and I've done my due diligence of searching for other posts on this without any luck. I have trouble trying to pull the HD video from the Phantom camera in the Go app. If I hit the download icon it gives me errors or if I have the Convert to HD button selected when selecting...