1. TopGolf_Construction.jpg


    Progress of a Top Golf construction site in Knoxville Tennessee.
  2. Latest Aerial Views of Lawndale Dr. & Cotswold Ave. Intersection Construction - Greensboro, NC

    Latest Aerial Views of Lawndale Dr. & Cotswold Ave. Intersection Construction - Greensboro, NC

    Flight over the construction zone at Lawndale Dr. and the former Cotswold Ave. See more info here:
  3. D

    How to set specific location to fly again from same place?

    Hello-- I'm trying to figure out how to set the same exact place so I can do a repeat photo (progress photos) from the same place each time. I know dronedeploy offers a program for that, but is there something already in the DJI Go app that lets me do that? TIA for your help!
  4. D

    Drone/Field Operations Manager job opening at a cool startup

    Hi, We are TraceAir - we use digital copies of construction sites to automate earthmoving. We are making a "virtual engineer" that automatically compares digital copies of construction sites made with drones against designs and blueprints to help construction teams build faster & cheaper. We...
  5. S

    Heavy/Civil Construction

    Are there any uses for a drone in the heavy/civil construction field (like bridge and sewer work)? There is not a lot of earth moving. Owners are the state or local municipalities that have their representatives on site so none of these progress videos is relevant. General contractors like to...
  6. heightsaerialmedia

    Where the money at?

    Interesting article we read from UAV coach, recent study shows where the most money is being made in the industry. We recently spoke with some from Converge industries which stated that pilots were having the most difficulty with real estate jobs and therefore staying away from them. What do you...
  7. OmniDrone Aerial

    Roof Inspection: The Safe and Smart Way

    Obviously not filmed with a phantom, but relevant nonetheless. Hope you guys enjoy and I'd love to hear feedback.
  8. Green Phantom

    City Skyline

    my latest video of the City of Manchester. It has some great buildings being built, some tall skyscrapers for this size of city. Il have to go back in ayear or so for a comparison shot :) Also i added in a little extra something to the begging of the video which ive never done before, where it...
  9. Kristina Fowler

    Businesses that use their own drones + in-house Part 107 pilot

    [P4P; Part 107 Aerial Provider] Here's the official FAA breakdown of total Part 107 licenses as of AUG01 (by region/state/county; updated monthly): Airmen Certification: Regional Active Airmen Totals Curious to get feedback from this forum as to how many businesses (as a percentage of total...
  10. J


  11. B

    3DR Site Scan Drone-Designed for Construction and Engineering

    Many of you have heard about 3DR's step into the drone industry. The Solo was a good start with an unimpressive ending. Recently, 3DR has come back into the market with new product but one that is more aimed for professional, the 3DR Site Scan Drone.
  12. Tyler Mason

    University of Minnesota athletic complex construction

    Flew a few weeks ago at the University of Minnesota campus. They're building a new football practice facility, as well as a few other athletic buildings. Hoping they'll have us back out again to capture more footage as the progress continues. Here's the video.
  13. AdamDNA

    DJI Phantom 4 for Building Inspections

    I have compiled recent footage of multiple building inspections performed with the P4! The clarity is amazing.
  14. C

    Posting Services

    Do you guys know of a good site to put my services rendered for the construction industry?
  15. D.Bennett

    Construction Site Progress Shoot ???

    Is there anyone here that has flown construction sites for site progress photography/videography? I'm wondering if you would share a few things: - Price range to charge? - Contract or No Contract? If so, what are the terms? ex. How often are the updates required? (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) -...