charging issue

  1. engineer_girl

    Professional Controller not holding charge

    I (somewhat recklessly in hindsight) purchased a used Phantom 3 Professional/controller/batteries secondhand over facebook marketplace. The previous owner demonstrated about ~5 minutes of flight to show that everything worked. However, when I went to fly the drone, the controller would power on...
  2. P

    Phantom 3 Advance GL300B charge percentage incorrect

    Can anyone help me out? I have a P3A and I plugged my remote in to charge it after several months of no use and when I plugged it in only the first 2 leds lit up and then stoped charging after about 20 seconds. So I purchased another battery thinking it was the battery... I installed the new...
  3. Infinite_parts

    DJI GL300 RC not charging issue - how to fix?!

    Greetings, Pilots! Today I am opening new topic for DJI GL300 remote controller charging issue. Let's discuss varieties of errors and knowledge on - how to fix them. Let's suppose we have a GL300 (A/B/C) remote controller for our P3A, P3X AC. Everything is fine with connection between RC and...
  4. M

    RC just blinks with 1 light, not charging

    Hey there I have troubles with charging my Rc. It just blinks with one light, and doesn't start charging. Just like this: Any suggestions? Thx Morten
  5. M

    Phantom4K controller charging problem help plz

    When i plug my controller in to the original charger it charges for a while and then the lights just go black. It works perfectly with the drone but not the rc
  6. A

    Remote doesn't charge more than 95-96% for first time

    I may do something wrong, but this is my second P3P (first plane was faulty), and both (the first and this new one) charged just until 95-96% for first time... Is this normal? Will the battery take more charge after a time of use? Is it a fw error? I used a third party charger, but it works...
  7. N

    New Phantom 4 Battery not Charging, Odd Light-up Configuration

    Hoping someone has seen this before and can tell me what it means. Haven't had luck searching through all the forums. Bought a brand new Phantom 4 battery from best buy (5350mAh model). Plugged it into my regular charger, the battery recognizes it and lights up all 4 bars, then the first bar...
  8. S

    Battery Issue: LED #1 blinks 16 times, stops for 7 seconds and repeats

    When i plug my battery in directly to the DJI factory charger the only thing that happens is LED #1 blinks 16 times, stops for around 7 seconds and the repeats. all day long. what could my issue be? this battery is room temperature and hasnt been flown recently. Also all 3 other batteries I...