carbon fiber

  1. tml4191

    The Yi Erida Tricopter Might Be Released in the "Near Future"

    Atlas Dynamics’ New Drones Are Game Changers - WeTalkUAV
  2. tml4191

    Update on Xdynamics' Carbon Fiber Quadcopter

    Xdynamics' New Evolve Drone is a Carbon Fiber Quadcopter! - WeTalkUAV
  3. B

    Phantom 3 standard for sale with accessories. SOLD

    DJI phantom 3 standard for sale with accessories. Comes with hard backpack and carbon fiber propellers. Along with two batteries and the remote and charger. Good condition. No issues. 400 OBO plus shipping. CONUS and PayPal only.
  4. jakobe75

    Why don't full size airplanes use bendy plastic props?

    I have been reading about both camps on the carbon fiber prop discussion. One side says things like: 1. Don't use, gimmick. 2. Too rigid, can transmit impact energy to motors and arm that plastic props would absorb. 3. No performance gain. 4. Noisy. 5. Dont give up your EZ-prop mounts 6. Will...
  5. Drestin Black

    Propeller Upgrades for P4

    So, two simple questions that should generate a lot of replies. I'd really like it if replies were limited to experiences of those who've done it and the results. Carbon Fiber Propellers - what's different? Pros & Cons Balancing Propellers - how often do the OEM DJI Phantom 4 propellers need...
  6. D

    Carbon fiber props for P4???

    I have been trying to find carbon fiber props for my P4 has anyone seen or come across any?
  7. M

    Lite Foot

    Lite Foot, like many of my projects, began as one thing, but took on a life of its own and ended up being something I didn’t completely anticipate. Simply put, I started out building an ultra-light P3 as another way to achieve extended flight. Frankly, I wasn’t optimistic about this goal from...
  8. M great accessories for your Phantom

    Just recived my and I'm very Satified with their products. I purchased the gimbal guard bundle with lots of accessories like leg extenders, controller yaw stabilizer, carbon fiber gimbalguard, lens hood/cover, gimbal clamp (big), button raiser for camera/video(works...
  9. A

    Phantom 3 Pro mods

    Hello, just thought I'd share my recent mod with the group. Had the top lid and landing gear carbon fibre dipped. Turned out really well!