camera issue

  1. Albin W

    Camera showing white/black lines in overexposed areas after minor crash

    Hi, i recently had a minor crash with my Phantom 3 4k and now the camera shows odd behaviors that i haven't found any information about. So basically what happened was that i flew into a tree at about 1.5 meters height (4-5 feet) and the drone crashed into the grass under the tree. The camera...
  2. Morfus

    oops! Flashed p3p camera with p3s firmware.

    I recently put a new camera and gimbal on my p3p and was prompted to update the firmware. I was reluctant to do this given that everything was working properly so I delayed doing this. Everything was fine until I changed the sd card had a firmware file for a p3s and upon powering up the p3p it...
  3. C

    Phantom 3 Pro Gimbal Yaw Issue After Crash

    So I have never had any issues with my Phantom 3 Pro before, but the other day I was at the top of a hike and bringing my P3P back to me after getting a few shots. I was on a fairly tall rock and the P3P was below me as I was pulling it back home. When it got very close to me, I let go of the...
  4. P

    WTF DJI!!!

    Problem after problem with these Phantom 4's like Is anyone having camera issues with the latest updates? check the pictures out below. I currently have two new P4's, one came dead on arrival I'll upload a video on that one later and then the other seems to have mad camera sensor issues I think...
  5. D

    Camera issue

    guys, do you think I should return my Phantom 3 Advanced to the seller basing on the below video? I am shooting in full hd, 50 fps. This effect presents in approximately 15% of my videos
  6. M

    Camera Gimbal Issues

    Hi all I have the phantom 3 advanced and have had it for about 5 months now and its been working great. after a small crash though the camera gimbal is pointed slightly to the left. I have already tried an IMU calibration followed by the standard camera calibration but it didnt help. this is my...