camera gimbal

  1. SignumX

    Ideas for a Phantom 4 wreck

    I picked up a wrecked P4 that had been flown into a cliff. It still flies well, but as the gimbal is totally messed up and the camera gone = no live view. I really bought it just for the extra batteries that were included along with the one battery that had been in the crash and all batteries...
  2. S

    Rendering with phantom 4

    I have an opportunity to work with an architecture firm that is asking for video and camera gimbal information in order to post render a building onto the vacant lot they have. 1.) I did read a thread (that I cannot now find) that mentioned getting camera gimbal x,y,z infro through pix4d? 2.) Is...
  3. D

    P3P Crooked Camera

    I had a little fall with my drone the other day. After that my camera was taking crooked photos and videos. I managed to fix the horizon being crooked by doing an automatic gimbal calibration. But the camera is now cocked a little to the left which is no good for the straight on flights and...
  4. sifu128

    Camera and Gimbal Lock

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask to see what everyone was using to replace the default Gimbal and camera lock for transportation? I do see some listed on DJI Phantom Accessories & Tips - Phantom Help and not sure what to go with. TIA Dave
  5. C

    Gimbal issues

    Hi I am having problems with the gimbal on my p3 pro. Since 3 updates ago every time I start up the aircraft, the camera goes through its startup routine, when finished the camera is at full tilt to the right. A gimbal calibration usually sorts it out. However, sometimes when I start up the...
  6. Dragonfyr

    P3S Camera Gimbal Zoom in and Out Problem

    Sorry, posted this in the wrong place. Admin please remove this thread.,
  7. M

    Camera Gimbal Issues

    Hi all I have the phantom 3 advanced and have had it for about 5 months now and its been working great. after a small crash though the camera gimbal is pointed slightly to the left. I have already tried an IMU calibration followed by the standard camera calibration but it didnt help. this is my...