camera dead

  1. B

    Phantom 3 4k camera initializes then quits

    Need some help. I've used the drone, Phantom 3 4k, multiple times with no issues and it takes great video. I had it in Nashville then shipped it to Austin. When I took it out of the case, the gimble brace was off. The case is metal with foam padding built for the drone. I set up a mission to...
  2. AngelPilot4u

    Tips and tricks to camera repair

    Tips, tricks and small trade secrets to repairing your own camera .... Steps to repair a damaged camera for all Phantom 3 types | Jogjasky
  3. D

    Black Ribbon cable?

    I think my camera needs a black ribbon cable replacement on the gimbal. What kind of data is sent through the black ribbon cable ? What issue might one except if the ribbon cable is faulty/broken? I can still move the motors on the gimbal,there is just no live feed or camera lights coming from...
  4. B

    I crashed my P2V and now I'm all messed up... :-(

    Hi Phantom Pilots, I was flying my P2V on Friday the 13th (shame on me) when I crashed.. When I recovered the drone, the camera had become disconnected.. I reconnected the servo cable & the jack on the back of the camera, although it was bent.. Flew the drone again and everything went fine...
  5. D

    P3 crashed now camera and gimbal not working

    I crashed my P3. the ribbon and gimbal arm broke fixed it with new arm and new ribbon. now the camera and gimbal do not move. when turning the machine on it dose not do anything. any help will be awesome. do I need to send it off?
  6. MAskinut

    No Video/No Connection but flies fine

    I just put my P3P back together after a trip into the ocean. Plenty of details here if you want them ( Water Damage Tips & Process) It flies fine at the moment and everything seems to work except for the video feed. On startup the gimbal goes through its bootup motions as normal but I...
  7. Djud

    camera dead and P3P turn off 10 second after switching off the battery

    Today I had two normal short flights with my P3P. And then move (by car) few kilometers to the new position. I calibrated the compass. But the app said there is a strong interference and should be moved to other position. So I moved 20m away and try again to calibrate it. It was successful (at...